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Shale Technology Showcase: Optimizing Production

2019-07-09 18:00:00| OGI

New technologies are fueling production growth.

Tags: technology production showcase optimizing

Category: Industrial Goods and Services

Emerson Adds To Automation Solutions Business With Zedi Acquisition

2019-07-09 17:45:29| OGI

Emerson completed the purchase of Zedis software and automation businesses for an undisclosed amount on July 8.

Tags: business solutions acquisition adds

Category: Industrial Goods and Services

British Capture Of Iranian Tanker Wont Go Unanswered

2019-07-09 17:36:31| OGI

Armed forces chief of staff vows when necessary Tehran will give appropriate answer.

Tags: british capture unanswered iranian

Category: Industrial Goods and Services

Russias July Oil Output Falls To Near 3-Year Low

2019-07-09 17:28:33| OGI

Source says that Rosneft production is off 11% in the first 8 days compared to the June average.

Tags: low july oil output

Category: Industrial Goods and Services

Mustang Extreme Acquires Midland, Texas-Based Water Treatment Firm

2019-07-09 16:05:42| OGI

Mustang Extreme Environmental Services said it is adding a range of water treatment services to its portfolio through the acquisition of Aria Rose Oilfield Solutions.

Tags: water treatment firm extreme

Category: Industrial Goods and Services

Enterprise Begins Service On Orla 3

2019-07-09 16:00:08| OGI

Orla and Mentone extend Enterprises value chain in the Permian and Delaware basins, linking customers to the companys integrated pipeline network, including the recently completed Shin Oak pipeline and the Texas Intrastate natural gas system.

Tags: service enterprise begins enterprise service

Category: Industrial Goods and Services

Report: Permian Basin Still Needs Additional Pipeline Investment

2019-07-09 15:29:42| OGI

A Wood Mackenzie analyst sees another pipeline bottleneck facing oil producers in the Permian Basin by the end of the next decade.

Tags: report additional investment basin

Category: Industrial Goods and Services

Asset Manager Sarasin Cuts Shell Stake, Criticizing Its Climate Strategy

2019-07-09 15:25:46| OGI

The sale is a rebuke of a landmark resolution between the Anglo-Dutch company and a large group of investors including Sarasin that outlined Shell's ambition to reduce carbon emissions.

Tags: manager strategy shell asset

Category: Industrial Goods and Services

Total, IFPEN Team Up To Accelerate Carbon Reduction R&D

2019-07-09 15:09:34| OGI

The roughly 40 million (US$44 million) partnership covers a period of five years.

Tags: total team reduction carbon

Category: Industrial Goods and Services

Enterprise Announces Additional Expansion Projects At Houston Ship Channel Terminal

2019-07-09 14:56:33| OGI

With this expansion project, Enterprise will increase flexibility by offering customers the capability to co-load fully refrigerated PGP and LPG onto the same vessel. This expansion is expected to be available in the fourth quarter of 2020.

Tags: additional projects channel ship

Category: Industrial Goods and Services

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