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Red angus tools yield massive impact for producers

2017-11-15 21:00:00| Beef

Red Angus production tools and programs can deliver valuable insight and returns to commercial producers who choose to utilize cutting edge technology.

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DOE awarding up to $3.5M to additional algal biomass yield project

2017-09-27 13:55:40| Green Car Congress

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2017-09-15 22:16:06| Cattle Today

The vast majority of cow-calf producers in Tennessee and the Southeast using a defined calving season have long favored spring calving; however, researchers at the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture have evaluated the risk and returns for a fall calving season, proving once again that timing is everything.

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Understanding Yield Stress Measurements

2017-08-30 10:35:00| Food Processing Technology

The yield stress characteristic is a property associated with numerous types of complex fluids, where the material does not flow unless the applied stress exceeds a certain value. This is evident in everyday tasks such as squeezing toothpaste from a

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M&As this week: Kontrol Energy, GATE, Saeta Yield

2017-08-11 01:00:00| Power Technology

Kontrol Energy has completed the acquisition of Efficiency Engineering for C$2.23m ($1.76m).

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