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Iron Range community, state lawmakers welcome 140 soldiers home

2014-10-26 07:23:59| Agriculture - Topix.net

If you visited Chisholm High School around noon Saturday, you would have found hundreds of families waiting to say: welcome back. Rosi and Larry Anderson have not seen their son Brady for one year.

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Hubbell Power Systems and Tytan to Produce 'Storm Soldiers II: Weather Warriors'

2014-10-18 17:28:00| Transmission & Distribution World

Hubbell Power Systems, Inc. (HPS) has announced its plan to co-produce a second film in the Storm Soldiers franchise with Tytan Creates. read more

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Soldiers Certified To Protect Metro D.C. From Cruise Missiles, Drones With Raytheon's JLENS Radar Blimp

2014-09-19 08:10:00| rfglobalnet Home Page

Mission ready. That was the verdict for the U.S. Army's A Battery, 3rd Air Defense Artillery, who were recently certified to operate Raytheon Company's JLENS radarto protect the National Capital Region (NCR) from cruise missiles and drone threats.

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Soft Super-Suit Could Make Soldiers Stronger

2014-09-16 14:00:00| TechNewsWorld

A new, flexible robotic suit funded by the U.S. military's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency could enable soldiers to walk longer distances with less fatigue and also improve mobility for disabled civilians. Called the "Soft Exosuit," the biologically inspired device is made of flexible textiles woven together into a piece of smart clothing that is worn under a soldier's regular gear.

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Former soldier's life saved by his dogs who licked him awake to...

2014-07-18 11:58:08| Real Estate - Topix.net

Faces of the innocent victims: Melbourne real estate agent and his wife, a student and leading AIDS doctors confirmed dead in Flight MH17 terrorist attack that killed all 298 people on board Putin blames Ukraine for loss of Flight MH17 but DOESN'T deny Russian separatists shot it down with missile - as US senator warns there will be 'Hell to pay' ... (more)

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