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Going all-in on cover crops

2015-07-21 22:58:00| Corn & Soybean Digest

Robert Harvey went from zero to 1,100 acres of cover crops on his corn and soybeans Some farmers want to try a new idea on a few acres to evaluate it before using it in a big way. Not Robert Harveyat least when the idea is cover crops. The Guthrie County, Iowa, farmer went all-in on cover crops two years ago, seeding cereal rye on all 1,100 acres he farms with his father, Gerald. read more

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Sprint Announces Wireless Industry's First-Ever "All-In" Pricing Plan

2015-07-02 02:53:00| Wireless - Topix.net

The company claims that its All-In campaign counters the wireless industry's current way of advertising by providing one monthly price for a smartphone and unlimited talk, text and high-speed data. With All-In Wireless , the total charge per month is $80 for a smart phone with unlimited talk, text and data included.

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Sprints new All-In phone plans are a terrible deal for mobile video

2015-07-01 13:30:08| Extremetech

Sprint is offering a new "all-in" plan that's mostly, well, all-out. As in, out of anything you'd actually want to pay for, with a per-month lease rate and abysmal data speeds.

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Sprint Tips 'All-In' Unlimited Plan for $80

2015-06-30 22:02:08| PC Magazine Cell Phones Product Guide

Sprint is positioning "All-In" as a less complicated alternative to the plans offered by its rivals.

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Analysis: That time when Lindsey Graham was (almost) all-in climate change

2015-06-02 16:00:00| Climate Ark Climate Change & Global Warming Newsfeed

Daily Climate: As the latest announced presidential candidate, Lindsey Graham parts ways with many of his Republican rivals. He thinks climate change is real. In January, he was even one of five GOP Senators to side with Democrats on a non-binding vote on whether or not "human activity significantly contributes to climate change." He`s recently even agreed with President Obama, declaring in a 2010 Senate floor speech that "a low-carbon economy is a safer America, a cleaner America, and I think, a more prosperous...

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