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'We'll lose thousands if wedding rules don't change'

2021-06-13 01:05:35| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Rules on weddings were to be relaxed on 21 June, but a rise in Covid cases could ruin 'the big day'.

Category: Consumer Goods and Services

Procter & Gamble Dominates NPD During Pandemic

2021-06-12 16:20:03| Happi Breaking News

Downy Infusions Scents, Gain Blissful Breeze and Tide Heavy Duty 10X are among IRI 2020 Pacesetters.

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Virtual Sustainable Cosmetics Summit, June 21-24

2021-06-12 15:27:21| Happi Breaking News

A focus on CSR and social impacts, as well as climate change, packaging waste and raw materials.

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Information Technology

The Emerging Tech Affect on HR Processes

2021-06-11 13:00:00| TechNewsWorld

With Covid, increased numbers of people have been working remotely, and many will continue to do so post-pandemic. This has fundamentally altered how work is done; not only by company staff, but by HR professionals. This societal shift, combined with the continued emergence of new digital technologies, means that the field of human resources is in the midst of radical evolution.

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Category: Information Technology

Fastly System Error Causes Global Content Blackout

2021-06-09 13:00:00| TechNewsWorld

A configuration error in the systems of content delivery provider Fastly knocked out numerous large websites and apps around the globe Tuesday. The event served up a reminder of how distributed networks play a critical role in the internet today -- and how important it is to make sure that the software in distributed systems is running properly.

Category: Information Technology

Apple Raises Curtain on New OS Features at WWDC21

2021-06-08 18:56:19| TechNewsWorld

Apple on Monday revealed dozens of new features in the latest versions of its mobile and desktop operating systems at the kickoff of its annual Worldwide Developers Conference. "The emphasis of the whole presentation seemed to be making Apple products more useful for consumers," observed Gartner Senior Principal Analyst Tuong Nguyen.

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Five steps to data modernization success

2021-06-11 16:36:00| The Webmail Blog

Five steps to data modernization success nellmarie.colman Fri, 06/11/2021 - 09:36   To move your business to the top of your industry, you need to deliver superior customer experiences, create new revenue streams and make fast, strategic decisions. And todays modern data capabilities make this possible so you can deliver business insights that drive real innovation, speed and flexibility. But few companies have been able to make the foundational shifts necessary, to achieve such outcomes. According to a report by McKinsey Digital, even though 70% of financial institutions have had a modern data architecture roadmap in place for 18-24 months, almost half still have disparate data models. And most have integrated only a quarter of their critical data into their target architecture. To achieve data modernization success, you need to get the right data, to the right application, at the right business moment, while delivering a new level of business insights. If youre relying on disparate data models and outdated data architectures, youre setting yourself up for data quality issues which ultimately adds complexity and cost and holds you back from achieving your target outcomes. But by taking five key steps, you can deliver and continually optimize your modern data architecture. This forms the foundation for innovation, superior customer experiences, business insights, real-time agility and the ability to make the most of modern cloud native applications.   Step 1: Data discovery Start by getting your team on board. Focus on understanding the high-level data issues and goals, and brainstorm ideas about how to drive a better data architecture that satisfies business and application demands now and in the future.   Step 2: Data architecture assessment Understand your current data architecture in depth, including what data is available and what is needed by business processes and applications. Identify use cases to focus on, as well as their high-level architecture. Define the strategy and roadmap.   Step 3: Data architecture and engineering This is where the strategy and roadmap are implemented. Design the overall architecture including which clouds, technologies and platforms to be used. Develop pipelines to ingest, transform and store data. Build out data lakes, marts and platforms as needed to implement the modern data architecture. Work with cloud native application development and operations teams.   Step 4: Business intelligence and reporting Now its time to turn your data into actionable results. Define your data models, build dashboards with real-time refreshes and automate reporting.   Step 5: DataOps Set up a virtuous cycle of continuous improvement and innovation. This involves an orchestration of people, processes and technology to deliver trusted, high-quality data. With a DataOps approach, you can create predictable delivery and change management of data, data models and related artifacts. This includes: Data lifecycle process framework - Incorporates DevOps, agile development and statistical process controls. Collaborative data management practice - Improves communication, integration and automation. Cloud platform and tooling - Orchestrates and automates security, quality and metadata.   Expert guidance for your data modernization journey With Rackspace Data Modernization, you can build intelligent applications and experiences, drive targeted real-time action, and make predictive, data-driven decisions that accelerate innovation and increase ROI. Our data specialists will help you harness the power of a modern data architecture and AI so you can monetize your data by uncovering new use cases for increasing business efficiencies and customer engagement with up to 70% reduction in implementation time and cost. The Rackspace Data Modernization solution spans the five key steps described above, meeting you wherever you are on your data modernization journey. And when youre ready for process maturity and agile delivery, combined with world-class managed support focusing on data lifecycle management, turn to Rackspace DataOps. Rackspace DataOps is delivered in two parts: Rackspace Elastic Engineering for Data complemented with Rackspace Data Pipeline Management.   Rackspace Elastic Engineering for Data Our experts work closely with your business across one joint, agile team to collaboratively accelerate data initiatives, while passing on collective knowledge gained from multiple Rackspace Technology clients to your internal team. Rackspace Elastic Engineering for Data provides access to a truly innovative managed service that enables data lifecycle management to help increase operational efficiency and accelerate innovation. Do with approach: Our Elastic Engineering Pod works in an agile, sprint-based model right alongside your team Consistent team: No matter which tier of hours you use each month, youll always work with the same pod that knows you, your environment and your business. Flexible, tiered pricing: Purchase fractional access to your pod via straightforward hours-based tiers and scale up and down monthly should your business needs change Multi-faceted skill sets: The Rackspace Elastic Engineering Pod for Data consists of an engagement manager, architects and engineers working together as one unit. Ongoing innovation: Rackspace Technology leverages leading cloud platforms tools and frameworks to deliver progressive improvement, enablement and transformation.   Rackspace Data Pipeline Management With Data Pipeline Management for Rackspace DataOps, you can focus on outcomes and innovation, and maybe getting some sleep at night. Our automated pipeline monitoring system is supported with reactive 24x7 response by our global Rackspace DataOps team. In addition to monitoring, alerting and incident management, youll receive troubleshooting, platform escalations, runbook-based resolution, and operational support. Get started today by signing up for a complimentary Data & Analytics Strategy Session. Youll discover how a modern data platform can accelerate your path to becoming a truly data-driven organization.   Five steps to data modernization successTo achieve data modernization success, you need to get the right data, to the right application, at the right business moment, while delivering a new level of business insights. Here are the five steps youll need to take.Complimentary Data & Analytics Strategy Session

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UK, US boost Atlantic Charter with new technology, science co-operation

2021-06-11 10:35:00| Telecompaper Headlines

(Telecompaper) The UK and US have agreed to strengthen ties on science and technology under the framework of a new Atlantic Charter...

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Orange, Sanofi, Capgemini and Generali launch 'Future4care' e-health venture

2021-06-11 10:25:00| Telecompaper Headlines

(Telecompaper) Orange has announced more details of the e-health venture unveiled in January, which also counts Sanofi, Capgemini and Generali as founding members...

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