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EOG Resources Hikes Dividend by 10% after Profit Nearly Doubles

2021-02-25 22:30:00| OGI

EOG Resources boosted its annual dividend by 10% after its fourth-quarter adjusted profit nearly doubled, helped by a recent recovery in oil and gas prices.

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Industry of Debt: Oil and Gas M&A Looks for 2021 Reset

2021-02-25 22:00:00| OGI

As more debt is restructured or discharged, the drag on M&A should lessen, which could lead to the return of dealmaking in the oil and gas sector to pre-pandemic levels, Deloitte says.

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Trans Mountain Seeks to Shield Insurers of Oil Pipeline

2021-02-25 20:20:00| OGI

Disclosing Trans Mountains insurers publicly may result in pressure that shrinks its pool of potential insurers and raises premiums for the oil pipeline and its shippers, the corporation says.

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Senate Approves Bidens Pick Jennifer Granholm to Head Energy Department

2021-02-25 20:05:00| OGI

As secretary of the Department of Energy, Jennifer Granholm is likely to play a big role in Bidens goal to put the country on a path of decarbonizing the economy by 2050.

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DUG East/MUM Regulatory Spotlight: Watching Washington, Harrisburg & Beyond with Thomas J. Pyle

2021-02-25 19:00:00| OGI

Regulations and politics are akin to death and taxesno one escapes them. With the election in hindsight, this government watcher looks at what we might expect from the White House, the U.S. Capitol and the Supreme Court. He also dive into the local politics affecting business, particularly in Pennsylvania, New York and the rest of the Northeast.

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A&D Advisory Firm EnergyNet Celebrates 22 Years in Business

2021-02-25 18:35:00| OGI

EnergyNet has successfully closed $5 billion in oil and gas assets in the past two years, according to the A&D advisory firms release.

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Norway Offers 84 Exploration Blocks in 2021 Licensing Round

2021-02-25 18:15:50| OGI

The so-called predefined areas (APA) licensing rounds were introduced in 2003 to facilitate exploration in the most geologically known parts of the Norwegian continental shelf.

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ConocoPhillips COO Matt Fox to Retire after 35 Years with Houston Company

2021-02-25 18:10:00| OGI

Matt Fox, who served in several leadership roles at ConocoPhillips before becoming COO in 2018, helped guide the companys successful transformation into an independent E&P, says CEO Ryan Lance.

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Exxon Mobil R&D VP Talks Technology Gap in Energy

2021-02-25 18:00:00| OGI

Collaboration and innovation are crucial to advancing technologies needed to meet the growing push for sustainability and cleaner forms of energy, Exxon Mobil executive says.

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E&P Case Study: Addressing Wellbore Quality in the Bakken Shale

2021-02-25 17:00:00| OGI

Wellbore tortuosity logging provides in-depth information on rod lift challenges in the Bakken Shale as the importance of understanding wellbore quality grows for E&P companies moving forward.

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