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Amazon Is Just the Tip of the AI Bias Iceberg

2018-11-16 18:36:45| TechNewsWorld

Amazon recently disclosed its 2015 decision to scrap a recruitment tool used to hire talent, after finding that it had a bias against women. While this story has been covered sufficiently, there is a much greater story still to tell: A substantial amount of the AI technology that currently is used for recruitment and human resources purposes has been acting independently for some time.

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Acumos Project's 1st Software, Athena, Helps Ease AI Deployment

2018-11-16 14:00:00| TechNewsWorld

The LF Deep Learning Foundation has announced the availability of the first software from the Acumos AI Project. Dubbed "Athena," it supports open source innovation in AI, ML and DL. The goal is to make critical new technologies available to developers and data scientists everywhere. Launched earlier this year, Acumos is part of a Linux Foundation umbrella organization.

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Review: Battlefield V Mixes Fantastic Gameplay With Intense Realism

2018-11-15 19:11:14| TechNewsWorld

After taking Battlefield to "the beginning" with the First World War-based Battlefield 1, developers have returned the action to World War II with Battlefield V. Anyone who's not familiar with this first-person shooter need know only that the original game, introduced in 2002 as Battlefield 1942, offers players the chance to control vehicles as well as soldiers.

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Whether Intended or Accidental, Internet Traffic Rerouting Can Be Costly

2018-11-14 14:00:00| TechNewsWorld

An apparent prefix leak from an errant router misconfiguration caused Google to lose control of several million of its IP addresses for more than an hour on Monday. During the event, Internet traffic was misrouted to China and Russia from Nigeria. The incident initially sparked concerns that it might have been a hijacking. The mishap made Google services unavailable to many users intermittently.

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Google Shows Off New Android Dev Tools

2018-11-13 21:20:02| TechNewsWorld

Google has announced support for a range of new Android tools for application developers, chief among them the creation of a new support category for foldable devices. After years of speculation, it finally looks as though foldable screen smartphones are headed to market. Google's dev announcement followed closely on the heels of Samsung's announcement of a folding phone/tablet prototype.

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Star Explorer Mae Jemison: The Sky Connects Us

2018-11-13 14:00:00| TechNewsWorld

Mae Jemison recently shared some illuminating recollections of her astronaut experiences, but they were neither the starting point nor the ending point of our conversation. This extraordinary woman's career is too packed with present and future endeavors to dwell very long on her stellar past. She currently leads 100 Year Starship, which aims to make interstellar travel a reality within a century.

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Let's Create a TV Show to Fix Silicon Valley

2018-11-12 19:52:27| TechNewsWorld

Startups have been creating employee hell in Silicon Valley. That was on my mind as I read the book Lab Rats: How Silicon Valley Made Work Miserable for the Rest of Us. I think this book should be required reading for anybody who thinks working for a startup in Silicon Valley would be fun. Unless you are into humiliation and abuse you probably should avoid these startups like the plague.

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Catch TopRank Marketing Speaking On Influencer Collaboration & The Confluence Equation at MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum

2018-11-12 17:11:57| Marketing and Public Relations - M&O

MarketingProfs is set to hold its big 12th annual B2B Marketing Forum event in San Francisco over the week of November 13 – 16. If youll be among the many B2B marketing industry professionals attending, be sure not to miss our sessions featuring TopRank Marketing CEO Lee Odden and senior digital strategy director Ashley Zeckman.… The post Catch TopRank Marketing Speaking On Influencer Collaboration & The Confluence Equation at MarketingProf’s B2B Marketing Forum appeared first on Newsroom.

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The Internet's Precarious Health

2018-11-09 18:56:10| TechNewsWorld

Mozilla has launched the first full edition of its Internet Health Report. The report is "an open source effort to explore the state of human life on the Internet," said Mozilla Executive Director Mark Surman. It consists of research and analysis about the Internet compiled by researchers, engineers, data scientists, policy analysts and artists in Mozilla's extended community.

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IBM Dons Red Hat for Cloudy Future

2018-11-09 18:07:05| TechNewsWorld

IBM's deal to acquire Red Hat caught everyone by surprise when it was announced less than two weeks ago. While concerns spread quickly about what it would mean for the largest enterprise Linux platform, IBM and Red Hat executives assured employees and customers that Red Hat would continue to operate independently -- at least for now. Intel made a similar acquisition of Wind River in 2009.

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