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Highlights from the AWS re:Invent Keynote with Peter DeSantis

2022-11-29 19:24:50| The Webmail Blog

Highlights from the AWS re:Invent Keynote with Peter DeSantis juli0507 Tue, 11/29/2022 - 12:24 Highlights from the AWS re:Invent Keynote with Peter DeSantis November 29, 2022 by Justin Kuss, Chief Architect - Public Cloud Applications, Rackspace Technology   Returning to its traditional timeslot this year, Monday Night Live with Peter DeSantis, Senior Vice President of AWS Utility Computing, offered attendees a look into how AWS services are designed and how, sometimes, solving one problem can lead to breakthroughs in other areas. During his keynote, DeSantis focused on the balance of performance, costs and security when designing solutions and services. For the time-pressed reader, heres the gist: For AWS, when faced with the trade-offs between performance, costs and security, DeSantis says, Dont compromise. Easy enough, right? Have your cake and eat it, too. At least, thats what AWS strives to do. Lets look at some of the announcements from Monday Night Live and see how they might impact your AWS environment. First, the new launches and pre-announcements: AWS Graviton3 processors offer up to a 60% reduction in energy usage versus x86 architectures, and are up to 25% more efficient than Graviton2 processors Graviton3e processors, optimized for floating point and vector math calculations, enable a new generation of high-performance computing (HPC) New Amazon EC2 instance types were announced: C7gn, Hpc7g and R7iz Starting in 2023, new EBS io2 volumes will have SRD enabled by default Elastic Network Adapter (ENA) Express was introduced for Amazon EC2 instances, which uses SRD for regular workloads and is transparent to the guest OS/workload AWS Lambda SnapStart for Java functions uses Firecracker snapshotting to optimize function scheduling and cold start performance New Amazon EC2 Instance Types In the Works C7gn, R7iz and Hpc7g Lets start with the new generation of EC2 instance types, which deliver performance improvements along with greater resource efficiencies typically at the same or lower price point as compared to previous generations of EC2 instance types. These innovations are made possible primarily by continued investment in the AWS Nitro System, now in its fifth generation, which allows AWS to redefine the boundaries of performance. In addition, AWS has released its third generation  ARM64 processors, Graviton3, and a new high-performance computing-specific variant, Graviton3e. What does this mean for you? Well, the new EC2 instance types (C7gn, HPC7g), if compatible with your workloads, will offer up to a 60% performance improvement over similar x86 options, or a 25% improvement over the previous Graviton processor. Keep in mind these improvements leverage the ARM64 architecture, which may require some changes to your software packages in order to be accessible. If youre using Intel or AMD x86 EC2 instances today, and are interested in evaluating whether AWS Graviton processors are right for your environment, Onica by Rackspace Technology can help you develop and execute a strategy to migrate and modernize your applications to realize the performance, cost and sustainability benefits of the Graviton platform. Improved Performance for EBS io2 Volume Types Moving from compute to storage, starting next year AWS will offer improved performance for its EBS io2 volume types by enabling by default their Scalable Reliable Datagram (SRD) network protocol. Announced in 2021, the SRD protocol improves upon networking stalwart TCP by optimizing for multipath, high-density network architectures. SRD compatibility is delivered through two options AWS Elastic Fabric Adapter (EFA) and Elastic Network Adapter (ENA). Leveraging the AWS Nitro System, EFA works with the Nitro Controller to bypass the operating systems kernel networking stack to reduce network latency and enable higher throughput. EFAs are typically leveraged for HPC and machine learning workloads. AWS moved further into its networking stack with the announcement it will bring the efficiencies of SRD to its general-purpose ENA by offering an option to enable ENA Express. ENA Express is said to be transparent to the guest virtual machine read no refactoring and provides up to a 44% reduction in p99 tail latency as well as a 5x throughput increase. This sounds exciting, but for now, ENA Express is only supported on the C6gn.16xl instance type. While this is limiting, it is likely that AWS will continue to introduce new compatible instance types in the months ahead. Stay tuned. Accelerate Your Lambda Functions with Lambda SnapStart Not to be left out, AWS Lambda also announced new cold start performance optimizations in AWS Lambda SnapStart. At launch, Lambda SnapStart is available for new or existing Java-based Lambda functions running on Amazon Corretto 11. Often a topic for discussion, Lambda cold start latency is an important design consideration when evaluating an event-driven, serverless architecture primarily because, as DeSantis said, Just as things get busy, Lambda slows down. Based on the micro-virtual machine hypervisor Firecracker, Lambda SnapStart takes advantage of profiling capabilities to deliver smaller snapshots, which enables AWS to increase density of its underlying runtimes without sacrificing isolation boundaries or cost. Keep in mind that Lambda SnapStart may require some code refactoring in order to safely adopt the new snapshotting capability. Refactors such as cryptographic seed generation, database connections and secrets handling should be considered when enabling this new feature. Overall, the reward for refactoring is up to 90% reduction in cold start latency. If youre not running the Amazon Corretto 11 managed runtime, theres no need to fret. Well likely see AWS extend support for Lambda SnapStart to additional runtimes, eventually. DeSantis, in closing, revisited AWS refusal to compromise. AWS teams, he says, beliee that work on performance is never done, and that the focus remains delivering the best performance at the lowest cost, without sacrificing security. That wraps up day one at AWS re:Invent 2022, and Monday Night Live with Peter DeSantis. If youd like to learn more about these announcements and how your environment might benefit from the performance, cost, and sustainability optimization, Onica by Rackspace Technology can help. 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2022 Walktober Recap

2022-11-18 21:03:13| The Webmail Blog

2022 Walktober Recap juli0507 Fri, 11/18/2022 - 14:03 2022 Walktober Recap: Rackers Around the World Walk in the Pursuit of Wellbeing November 18, 2022 by Bri Campos, Racker Experience Intern   Since before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Racker Wellbeing has been one of the top priorities for Rackspace Technology. And, in 2022, the company doubled down on its commitment to prioritizing Racker Wellbeing through fun, engaging and empowering wellbeing activities that support Rackers all around the world. October, a month of seasonal change, is when Rackspace Technology hosts Walktober. This 31-day challenge supports Rackers by encouraging them to take a break from their busy workdays. They are encouraged to recharge by practicing mental wellbeing activities and staying active while tracking their steps. Tracking steps not only promotes physical activity but also provides a way to connect with co-workers. The Walktober campaign is digital, allowing Rackers to use a web or phone application to track their steps, as well as read articles and other resources about wellness, including fitness and nutrition. The Walktober app allows participants to view their progress, while simultaneously helping them set personal goals on which to focus. Throughout the month, participants collect digital leaves to fill a tree based on the number of steps they have taken. If I had to pick one motivation, it would be hitting my leaf target of 10,000 steps and earning badges, said Maggi Rose, Security Risk and Compliance Management Specialist. Tracking steps not only improves mental health, but also fosters group engagement and friendly competition among coworkers. To personalize the experience even more, Rackers have the option to participate either individually or on a team where they can motivate each other. Each of my team members is a crucial component of our teams overall success, said Laura Nicholas, Administrative Operations Manager. In the challenge, Rackers also have the option to invite a plus one, someone who is not a Racker, to help them stay motivated throughout the month. Creating global connections in a hybrid workplace is a big part of the Rackspace Technology culture. As a Walktober participant myself, I enjoyed the fun competition with my team members, and also receiving daily healthy recipes through the app and sharing them with others. We know that food can be universal, so last month, we launched the Racker Cookbook. We invited Rackers from around the world to share their favorite recipes as well as to deepen their Racker connections over a shared meal even virtually from the other side of the globe!  The Walktober app helps deepen these connections through several activities that can help make this virtual experience feel more personal. Ive led a Walktober team, posted on the Walktober wall, commented on and liked other Rackers wall posts, and read some of the Walktober articles and wellbeing tips, Maggi Rose shared. Altogether, nearly 1,500 Rackers from more than 16 countries around the world participated throughout the month of October in 2022. In addition to counting steps, Rackers also logged various forms of physical activity, spending more than one million minutes dedicated to exercise  thats enough exercise minutes to fill two whole years!. Rackers also were able to log a total of more than 374,000,000 steps a 61,000,000 step increase over last year! This step total is equivalent to 169,237 miles (272,361 km) in other words, 6.8 trips around the world! Walktober is just one of the ways that Rackspace Technology helps employees achieve a healthy work-life balance.  Recent Posts 2022 Walktober Recap: Rackers Around the World Walk in the Pursuit of Wellbeing November 18th, 2022 Nine Myths About DDoS Defense November 14th, 2022 Road to re:Invent 2022 November 11th, 2022 Seven Architecture Principles for Building a Greener Supply of Data November 4th, 2022 Our top-five takeaways from Google Cloud Next 22 October 28th, 2022 Links Solve: Thought Leadership Corporate Blog Newsroom Technical Blog Investor Relations Media Kit

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