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Access to Markets: Cooperatives

2017-04-25 22:20:52| National Farmers Union

By Jimmy Dula, NFU Intern Although you might not know it, cooperatives are woven throughout every industry in the United States, including housing, banking, agriculture, food retail, and healthcare, providing people with basic goods and services through collectively owned and democratically organized businesses and organizations. Opportunities for cooperatives exist when a group of people or organizations share a […]

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NFU Statement on Sonny Perdues Confirmation as Agriculture Secretary

2017-04-24 23:52:48| National Farmers Union

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 24, 2017 Contact: Andrew Jerome, 202-314-3106 ajerome@nfudc.org WASHINGTON The U.S. Senate today confirmed former Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue as the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture. National Farmers Union (NFU) President Roger Johnson released the following statement in response to the announcement: Having endured months of the current farm crisis and drastic […]

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What Can Farmers Do About Climate Change? Soil Health Champions Network

2017-04-24 18:54:26| National Farmers Union

By Beth Mason, NACD North Central Region Representative  In 2014, the National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD) began a three-year project to increase the adoption of soil health practices across the United States. The project consists of two initiatives one focused on quantifying the monetary benefits of using soil health practices, and the other on […]

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Farmers Union Marches for Science

2017-04-22 17:00:34| National Farmers Union

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 22, 2017 Contact: Andrew Jerome, 202-314-3106 ajerome@nfudc.org WASHINGTON Marching in cities across the United States, members of National Farmers Union (NFU) joined the worlds first-ever March for Science today, emphasizing the vital role that science should play in everyday life and in federal policymaking. NFU President Roger Johnson, a third-generation […]

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Access to Efficiency: The Wienk Charolais Farm Family & Technology

2017-04-21 23:25:34| National Farmers Union

By Lura Roti, South Dakota Farmers Union Thumbing through a recent Wienk Charolais sale catalogue, Arnold Wienk, 78, recalls what it was like in the early years. When I first sold bulls, the only number we gave buyers was the birthdate. The glossy flyer is filled with photos of breeding stock and several columns of […]

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Category: Agriculture and Forestry

Why Were Marching for Science

2017-04-21 18:40:37| National Farmers Union

By NFU President Roger Johnson Tomorrow, Farmers Union members from across the country will join forces with thousands of scientists, concerned citizens and policymakers to stand up for robustly funded and publicly communicated science at the March for Science. Farmers rely on sound science and public research to maintain the stability of the food system. This includes […]

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Access to Capital: Two Roots Farm & Slow Money

2017-04-20 17:49:44| National Farmers Union

By Harper Kaufman, Co-Owner and Operator of Two Roots Farm Christian and I fell in love with farming not too long after we fell in love with each other. Before graduating from the University of Montana, we had our first farming experience at PEAS Farm, the university farm near campus. While there, we began to grasp the […]

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Youll never cut these trees on your little mill!

2017-04-20 03:59:51| Sawmill and bandmill blog

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Come on its feasable isnt it?

2017-04-20 03:59:51| Sawmill and bandmill blog

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Canfor Unveils World's Largest Sawmill

2017-04-20 03:59:51| Sawmill and bandmill blog

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Category: Agriculture and Forestry

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