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19 Pork Masters: Go with your strengths

2019-05-15 17:07:00| National Hog Farmer

Wakefield Pork Inc. relies on strengths of employees, contract growers for proper pig care.

Category: Agriculture and Forestry

Inovio, Plumbline to collaborate on novel ASF vaccine

2019-05-15 16:18:00| National Hog Farmer

Inovio will construct and test vaccine in small animal models, while Plumbline will test in larger animals, including swine.

Category: Agriculture and Forestry

Dont let the Trojan dam bring BVDV into your herd

2019-05-15 16:18:00| Beef

Control and prevention of bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) in the herd requires a three-pronged attack with biosecurity, testing and immunization.

Category: Agriculture and Forestry

Three key advancements in the fight against strep

2019-05-15 16:13:00| National Hog Farmer

Learn about three technological advancements in diagnostics and custom-made vaccines developed by Newport Laboratories, Inc. in the fight against Strep suis.

Category: Agriculture and Forestry

USDA crop progress: Corn planting still sluggish

2019-05-15 16:00:00| Beef

Planting pace is still significantly behind the five-year average.

Category: Agriculture and Forestry

Fact Sheet: Poisonous Plants For Cattle

2019-05-15 15:48:00| Beef

BEEF provides this poisonous plant fact sheet to help you understand and prevent cattle toxicity.

Category: Agriculture and Forestry

The fully automatic feeding system for suckling pigs 'CulinaFlexpro' is very popular

2019-05-15 15:47:00| ThePigSite - Industry News

Big Dutchman offer a fully automated option for fostering underweight piglets

Category: Agriculture and Forestry

EveryPig connects with AP Edge for water, temperature data

2019-05-15 15:43:00| National Hog Farmer

The company says having this information integrated into their EveryPig account, will enable field managers, veterinarians, and pig owners to identify pig health problems faster or even before pigs show signs of a problem.

Category: Agriculture and Forestry

Competitors begin to whittle away U.S. porks market share in Mexico

2019-05-15 15:11:00| National Hog Farmer

First quarter pork volume to Mexico was down 13% year-over-year to 177,420 metric tons, while value declined 29% to $261.9 million.

Category: Agriculture and Forestry

Troubleshooting tunnel ventilation systems

2019-05-15 15:00:00| National Hog Farmer

Follow this step-by-step guide to diagnose and fix an underperforming ventilation system.

Category: Agriculture and Forestry

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