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CoreOS, OCI Unveil Controversial Open Container Industry Standard

2017-07-21 00:25:16| TechNewsWorld

CoreOS and the Open Container Initiative on Wednesday introduced image and runtime specifications largely based on Docker's image format technology. However, OCI's decision to model the standard on Docker's de facto platform has raised questions. Some critics have argued for other options. Version 1.0 provides a stable standard for application containers, according to CoreOS CTO Brandon Philips.

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Wimius L1

2017-07-20 23:06:32| PC Magazine Digital Video Camcorders Product Guide

The Wimius L1 is a compact action cam with 4K support and a rock-bottom price tag, but it doesn't support touch control and its microphone disappoints.

Category: Information Technology

US Shuts Down Huge Online Dark Web Market, AlphaBay

2017-07-20 23:06:31| PC Magazine Security Product Guide

The site was used by 'hundreds of thousands' of people to buy and sell illegal goods and services, such as drugs, stolen IDs, malware, and other hacking tools.

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Category: Information Technology

New iOS 10.3.3 Update Fixes Critical Wi-Fi Security Bug

2017-07-20 21:48:49| Extremetech

Apple released a major security update for iOS 10.3.3 yesterday, with fixes included for some significant bugs. If you're running iOS 10, you'll want to upgrade, immediately. The post New iOS 10.3.3 Update Fixes Critical Wi-Fi Security Bug appeared first on ExtremeTech.

Tags: security update critical bug

Category: Information Technology

Fujitsu Enters Deep Learning, AI Markets With Custom Architecture

2017-07-20 21:32:28| Extremetech

Fujitsu is throwing its own hat into the ring with deep learning and AI processing cores coming to market in 2018. The post Fujitsu Enters Deep Learning, AI Markets With Custom Architecture appeared first on ExtremeTech.

Tags: learning custom deep architecture

Category: Information Technology

Atari Is Beta Testing a Speakerhat

2017-07-20 21:05:39| PC Magazine Speakers Product Guide

Atari combined speakers, a hat, and Bluetooth to create the Speakerhat!

Tags: testing beta atari beta testing

Category: Information Technology

The First Moon Landing Took Place 48 Years Ago Today

2017-07-20 20:24:25| Extremetech

Humans have done myriad impressive things in space, from building the International Space Station to landing a robot on a comet. Still, none of those accomplishments have quite the same historical weight as the first time a person walked on the moon. The post The First Moon Landing Took Place 48 Years Ago Today appeared first on ExtremeTech.

Tags: place years today ago

Category: Information Technology

Has Photobucket Painted Itself Into a Corner?

2017-07-20 19:46:49| TechNewsWorld

Various celebrities over the years have "broken the Internet" when risqué photos or shocking revelations surfaced, with or without their knowledge or approval. Photo hosting service Photobucket may have surpassed Kim Kardashian's most notorious stunts, though. The company recently changed its user agreement for the hosting of images on third-party sites, and truly may have broken the Internet.

Tags: corner painted photobucket

Category: Information Technology

Elon Musk Warns AI Could Destroy The World

2017-07-20 19:15:53| Extremetech

Elon Musk is on the mic warning us about AI once more. This is the inventor (“genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist…”) who wants to put a dude on Mars in five years, and had no problems specifying the space suits for SpaceX’s Mars missions had to look “badass.” This is the guy who conceived and developed an… The post Elon Musk Warns AI Could Destroy The World appeared first on ExtremeTech.

Tags: the world destroy warns

Category: Information Technology

Homeland Security Ends Hand Luggage Laptop Ban

2017-07-20 19:05:48| PC Magazine Notebooks Product Guide

The controversial laptop ban on flights to the US has ended due to "enhanced security measures" being put in place at airports.

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