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Colordyne names Kerrie Rode new CFO

2018-01-18 14:31:00| Label and Narrow Web Breaking News

Rode is responsible for strategically aligning the companys financial planning, reporting and accounting functions.

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Category: Textiles and Nonwovens

INDA Announces 2018 World of Wipes Program

2018-01-18 14:18:00| Nonwovens Industry Breaking News

Conference comes to Chicago June 5-8

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Category: Textiles and Nonwovens

E.U. Clothing Imports: Latest and Long-Term Trends (Monthly Report)

2018-01-18 09:00:00| EmergingTextiles.com

EU's clothing imports have declined in November in volume terms, whatever the rebound of the euro and the consecutive fall of unit prices in euro terms. Imports from China have sharply dropped whereas shipments from Bangladesh were significantly rising for the fourth consecutive month. Our report covers monthly EU clothing import data, with historical trends being analyzed, and a specific focus on China vs Rest of World (RoW) and Bangladesh, and on knit vs woven clothing. Data are supplied in euro and in US dollars with historical data available for download, back to January 2000.

Category: Textiles and Nonwovens

Pakistan Yarn Prices: Domestic and Export Markets (Weekly Report)

2018-01-18 09:00:00| EmergingTextiles.com

Cotton yarn prices have been further raised in Pakistan, in line with the previous surge of cotton prices. Polyester fiber and poly-cotton prices are also rising, our correspondent reports. Our weekly review offers a comprehensive picture of the domestic and export yarn markets in Pakistan, with cotton yarns, polyester-cotton, polyester-viscose, polyester spun and viscose spun prices being covered. All these weekly data are available for download over a 12-month period.

Category: Textiles and Nonwovens

Viscose Staple Fiber and Spun Yarn Prices (Weekly Report)

2018-01-18 09:00:00| EmergingTextiles.com

Viscose fiber and spun yarn prices have further risen in the past days in Pakistan, whereas VSF prices were bottoming out in China over a reduction of capacities in Xinjiang. Our weekly report covers the viscose/rayon staple fiber and filament markets over the last 12 months. Viscose spun yarn prices in China, India and Pakistan are also available. Cotton linter, cotton pulp and wood pulp prices on domestic and import markets are being tracked over the last 12 months, in addition.

Category: Textiles and Nonwovens

Diamond Introduces Perfect Plate Wipes

2018-01-17 19:55:00| Nonwovens Industry Breaking News

Wipes intended to touch up the edges of plates for food presentation

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Category: Textiles and Nonwovens

Roche Named CEO at Northeastern Nonwovens

2018-01-17 19:51:00| Nonwovens Industry Breaking News

He has over 20 years of experience in the nonwovens and filtration industries

Tags: named ceo roche northeastern

Category: Textiles and Nonwovens

Reifenhauser Acquires Component Supplier

2018-01-17 17:16:00| Nonwovens Industry Breaking News

EDS is a maker of high-extrusion tools

Tags: component supplier acquires component supplier

Category: Textiles and Nonwovens

Rockline Releases Sustainability Report

2018-01-17 16:46:00| Nonwovens Industry Breaking News

Wipes maker outlines 2017 progress and goals for 2020

Tags: report releases sustainability sustainability report

Category: Textiles and Nonwovens

Pyroll Packages becomes first flexo printer to achieve Pantone Certified Printer status

2018-01-17 16:18:00| Label and Narrow Web Breaking News

The Pantone Certified Printer Program reviews and analyzes every aspect of a printers color operations.

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Category: Textiles and Nonwovens

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