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Conserve intact forest landscapes to maximize biodiversity, reduce extinction risk

2017-07-19 06:00:00| LifeSciencesWorld

[NEWS] CORVALLIS, Ore. — A new global analysis of forest habitat loss and wildlife extinction risk published July 19 in the journal Nature shows that species most at risk live in areas just beginning to see the impacts of human activities such as hunting, mining, logging and ranching. The researchers argue that these intact areas deserve higher priority for limited conservation dollars than areas already impacted heavily by human activity even though species are also threat…

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Scientists name new species of dinosaur after Canadian icon

2017-07-17 06:00:00| LifeSciencesWorld

[NEWS] IMAGE: This is a life recreation of Albertavenator curriei.  Credit: Illustrated by Oliver Demuth. © Oliver Demuth TORONTO, July 17, 2017 - Scientists from the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) and the Philip J Currie Dinosaur Museum …

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Fossil site shows impact of early Jurassic's low oxygen oceans

2017-07-15 06:00:00| LifeSciencesWorld

[NEWS] IMAGE: Before the low oxygen period, bivalves were larger and more numerous.  Credit: The University of Texas at Austin/Rowan Martindale Using a combination of fossils and chemical markers, scientists have tracked how a period of globally low ocean-oxygen…

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Why Japan's coastal zones might be disappearing due to climate change

2017-07-13 06:00:00| LifeSciencesWorld

[NEWS] As G20 Summit 2017 drew to a close, the issue of climate change divided the world. As it happened, 19 of the 20 leaders were able to agree on all points made in the joint declaration (known as the communique)—with the exception of Donald Trump, who could not agree on climate change; thus resulting in 'G19' (i.e. G20 sans the United States) releasing a joint statement on climate change. Leaving politics aside, for the people around the world who inhabit as much as 71% of the w…

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Mountaintop coal mining causes appalachian rivers to run 'consistently saltier'

2017-07-13 06:00:00| LifeSciencesWorld

[NEWS] IMAGE: A portion of the Hobet 21 coal mine in West Virginia shows the effects of mountaintop-removal mining, which, new research shows, causes many streams and rivers in Appalachia to run saltier Credit: Fabian Nippgen Mountaintop-removal coal mining causes ma…

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