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Google, Microsoft Push Websites To Go Password-Less

2018-04-21 14:16:21| PC Magazine Security Product Guide

At the RSA conference, Google and Microsoft demoed how websites could adopt password-free login systems with the help of Android smartphones and Windows PCs.

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Category:Information Technology

Twitter Bans Ads From Russia's Kaspersky Lab

2018-04-21 14:16:21| PC Magazine Security Product Guide

The CEO of Kaspersky Lab is demanding that Twitter explain its reason for the ad ban, which started in January.

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Category:Information Technology

Oath Makes it Easier to Find Bugs on AOL, Yahoo, Tumblr

2018-04-20 23:15:32| PC Magazine Security Product Guide

Until now, several brands siting under the Oath umbrella, including AOL and Yahoo, have had their own big bounty programs. Starting today, they're coming together.

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Category:Information Technology

Slow Chips, Coupled with Fast Ones, Could Address Spectre Flaw

2018-04-20 15:15:51| PC Magazine Security Product Guide

Current software patches for the Spectre chip flaw have been a mere "Band-Aid" on the problem, said Paul Kocher, a security researcher who co-discovered the vulnerability.

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Category:Information Technology

'Log In With Facebook' Feature Lets Web Trackers Scoop Data

2018-04-19 23:15:38| PC Magazine Security Product Guide

Researchers at Princeton University said that several marketing platforms were likely exploiting the Facebook Login feature to help businesses better monetize their users.

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Category:Information Technology

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