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2018-03-14 18:15:44| PC Magazine Software Product Guide

Vimeo is the video platform for artists, advertisers, and general creative-types who produce high-quality content. It can be expensive for creators, however, and its interface needs work.

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Category:Information Technology


2018-03-09 23:15:53| PC Magazine Software Product Guide

OfficeTime is an excellent tool for solo workers who need to track billable hours and expenses, even if while offline. Still, it's not ideal for teams or those who want to charge flat rates.

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Category:Information Technology

Circle Pay

2018-03-09 19:16:50| PC Magazine Software Product Guide

Circle Pay is an easy-to-use payment app, with quick deposits and some international capability, but it doesn't let you pay in stores or online.

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Category:Information Technology


2018-03-07 23:15:52| PC Magazine Software Product Guide

Built for teams that work in finance, chat app Symphony can securely connect both your coworkers and people in other organizations, but it's expensive and confusing to learn.

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Category:Information Technology

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