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New tool tackles transparency in cotton supply chains

2016-08-26 18:06:00| Daily apparel & textile news and comment - from just-style.com

A new initiative that aims to drive slavery out of cotton goods by verifying that yarn spinners are only using cotton produced with ethical practices is being endorsed by apparel brands and retailers including Adidas, BJ's Wholesale Club, Woolworths Holdings and Hudson Bay Company.

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Cotton supply chain transparency an ongoing challenge

2016-08-17 18:06:00| Daily apparel & textile news and comment - from just-style.com

The revelation late last week that US department store retailer Target Corporation has pulled all luxury bed linen produced by Welspun Global Brands over concerns about the provenance of the cotton used in its products highlights the massive challenges the industry still faces when it comes to transparency and traceability across global supply chains.

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DNA tagging to help leather supply chain transparency

2016-08-10 13:26:00| Daily apparel & textile news and comment - from just-style.com

Product authentication business Applied DNA Sciences (APDN) is working with the BLC Leather Technology Centre (BLC) on DNA-tagged pelts that will help improve leather supply chain transparency.

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Supply chain transparency index to expand to 100 brands

2016-07-26 12:10:00| Daily apparel & textile news and comment - from just-style.com

A transparency index launched earlier this year that monitors and ranks high street clothing brands on transparency across their value chains is to be expanded to 100 brands next year.

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Many commitments, little transparency in cutting deforestation from corporate supply chains

2016-06-12 04:29:00| Climate Ark Climate Change & Global Warming Newsfeed

Mongabay: Halting deforestation was a major topic of discussion at the Paris climate talks last December, so much so that the UNs program for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD+) was included as a standalone article in the final agreement passed by more than 190 countries. During the talks, many companies got in on the action, as well, pledging to do their part to reduce carbon emissions from their business operations. Among them were several that produce, buy, or sell commodities...

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