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Preparing for the next national crisis - by digging through insurance claims

2015-03-02 01:40:21| Beverages - Topix.net

The Lewin Group, a health-care research consultancy based in Fairfax County, is looking for a managing consultant and health economist to help the federal government prepare for the next crisis. As a lead researcher with the firm's national security and emergency preparedness practice, the new hire is to delve into insurance-claims data to help federal agencies learn more about the nation's health-care system.

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Bottom Digging During Market Tops

2015-02-26 19:17:06| Jewelry - Topix.net

The S&P 500 has nearly tripled from a 2009 low of 735 to 2113 currently. Just as a rising tide lifts all ships, so too does a rising stock market lift all stocks.

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Car dealerships digging out

2015-02-16 19:43:22| Auto Dealers - Topix.net

At Donald's Car Corner they say this is the worst winter they've seen in their 30 years in business. "Lately it's just every weekend.

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Medford car dealer digging out snow for President Day's sales

2015-02-15 23:05:26| Auto Dealers - Topix.net

More than a foot of snow in the Boston area cut into time for the traditional President's Day weekend sales promotions, but some are digging out to carry on. At the Colonial Volkswagen in Medford, Mass., just north of Boston, workers opened the dealership at noon Sunday and immediately went to work digging out more than 200 cars from the latest snows.

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Airlines begin digging out from storm in northeastern US

2015-01-28 02:07:51| Airlines - Topix.net

Airlines have already cancelled more than 500 flights for Wednesday, according to FlightAware.com. But that's a reprieve after 7,600 U.S. flights got scrubbed and another 3,200 ran late on Monday and Tuesday, mostly in the blizzard's path.

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