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Done Digging: Mission Accomplished for Cleopatra as she Leaves Hackney, UK

2014-07-25 00:19:00| Transmission & Distribution World

National Grids flagship London Power Tunnels reached a major milestone as tunneling machine Cleopatra completed her work on the project. read more

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Police start digging in garden of Claudia Lawrence murder suspect...

2014-05-14 12:57:55| Agriculture - Topix.net

Teenager forced to leave prom 'after chaperone dads ogled her and complained she would make their sons have impure thoughts' Six brothers arrested for sexually abusing girl and parents charged with neglect after sibling confessed to pastor 'he had sinned' Man suing Bryan Singer for raping him as a teen 'said he had never been to Hawaii' in earlier ... (more)

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API: Be Safe, Prevent Accidents, Call 811 Before Digging

2014-04-07 10:46:57| oilandgasonline News Articles

The American Petroleum Institute is promoting the seventh annual National Safe Digging Month by reminding all Americans to always call 811 before any digging project.

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Digging Into Republic Services' Valuation

2014-03-25 12:18:31| Waste Management - Topix.net

We like to perform a comprehensive analysis of a company's discounted cash-flow valuation, relative valuation versus industry peers, and a technical and momentum indicators.

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Secrets of Steamroller: Digging deep into AMDs next-gen core

2014-03-03 18:01:30| Extremetech

AMD's Steamroller core, found in Kaveri APUs, is an interesting duck. It's the first chip to ship with HSA support, the first CPU core that can be paired with a GCN-based graphics core, and it promised significant improvements in performance-per-clock that were then largely offset by a lower clock speed. Our investigation shows that the situation isn't that simple, however -- there are some areas, particularly on the APU side of the equation, where Steamroller is far better than its predecessor. This article is a low-level investigation into where the chip improved, where it fell short, and what AMD might do going forward.

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