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Circular File: Overcoming Anonymity

2013-03-18 22:14:00| Waste Age

Why do multifamily residents continue to resist recycling?Circular File read more

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Overcoming Camera Shyness on Both Sides of the Lens

2013-02-16 22:20:05| AutomotiveDigest.com - Automotive Industry News

By now,  youve read all about why using video is important in your dealership. Videos of vehicle presentations, employee introductions, customer testimonials, special events, kids, and general silliness (among other things) can help communicate the personality of your organization in ways no other medium can. If the employees in your dealership arent used to having a camera around, it will take some work to get everyone accustomed to it. If your dealership does embrace videofantastic, but there still might be some ongoing challenges to overcome.  Here are some suggestions to make your videos come alive:  Be prepared. Approaching people with a fully formed idea is more effective than asking would you like to make a video? Remember that good video is about telling stories, and turning on the camera and telling someone to do something will not result in a compelling story. Learn more from Aaron Wirtz, social media manager at Suzuki of Wichita.The Article Overcoming Camera Shyness on Both Sides of the Lens appeared first on Automotive Digest.

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Stanford team develops new approach to overcoming capacity fading in Lithium-sulfur batteries

2013-02-15 20:30:20| Green Car Congress

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