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15-inch MacBook Pro Uses a Non-Removable SSD

2017-02-08 11:05:18| PC Magazine Storage Devices Product Guide

Upgrading the storage in a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar requires the entire logic board be replaced.

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Taking the Bar Exam? MacBook Pro With Touch Bar May Not Be Welcome

2017-02-08 11:05:15| PC Magazine Notebooks Product Guide

Depending on your state, you may have to disable the Touch Bar during the exam, or use a different computer.

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Apple's Schiller: MacBook Pro Doesn't Need SD Card Reader

2016-11-03 01:01:39| PC Magazine Notebooks Product Guide

Schiller tells The Independent that it is 'a bit of a cumbersome slot. You've got this thing sticking halfway out.'

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The MacBook Pro's Touch Bar Solves a Non-Existent Problem

2016-11-02 14:00:00| PC Magazine: the Official John C. Dvorak RSS Feed

The MacBook Pro's Touch Bar is a pathetic stop gap to having a full touch screen, but fanboys will probably love it.

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Rumor: iPhone, MacBook to Get Wireless Charging, More RAM

2016-11-02 06:02:19| PC Magazine Notebooks Product Guide

A new research note also suggests lower prices for a refreshed 2017 MacBook lineup.

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