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2018-07-12 22:56:24| PortlandOnline

50 SW PINE ST, STE 102 - COMMENTS DUE 8-12-18 PDF Document, 508kbCategory: Northwest and Inner Southwest Portland (NWNW)

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Move over kale; steak is the new superfood!

2018-05-24 19:00:00| Beef

New research shows vegetarian and vegan diets increase inflammation, reduce fertility rates and lead to malnutrition.

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New documentary to explore kale vs. cows

2017-12-19 18:17:30| Beef

Should we eat more salad and skip the beef? Thats what many experts would lead us to believe, but this documentary could make consumers think twice!

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PepsiCo's Naked Kale Blazer - Product Launch

2016-01-15 17:07:00| Daily beverage news and comment - from just-drinks.com

PepsiCo is set to launch a kale-based vegetable smoothie in the UK under its Naked juice brand.

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Kale or steak? Change in diet key to U.N. plan to end hunger by 2030

2015-09-10 19:39:00| Climate Ark Climate Change & Global Warming Newsfeed

Reuters: In trendy, hipster London or New York, it's all about juicing, vegan diets and snacking on kale crisps. Thousands of miles away, in Nairobi or Bogota, the middle classes are more likely to reach for roasted goat or a juicy steak. Later this month, world leaders are set to endorse a U.N. goal to eliminate hunger by 2030, but they will have to convince their citizens to adopt new eating habits first, experts say. Diets must feature less red meat, which consumes 11 times more water and results...

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