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Blizzard 2016 Got You Down? Embrace the Danish Concept of Hygge

2016-01-22 22:05:19| Footwear - Topix.net

The Danish have a word, hygge , that crudely translates to "cozy." More accurately, it translates to, that profoundly content feeling you get when it's frigid outside but you're inside wearing flannel and drinking hot toddies in front of a fire .

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Chemical Makers Embrace Virtualization

2015-12-21 16:13:00| Chemical Processing

Approach can provide significant advantages for automation projects

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One Good Resin PolyOne employees embrace giving

2015-12-03 21:54:48| Chemicals - Topix.net

PolyOne Corp. and its employees have embraced the holiday spirit by raising more than $1.5 million for the United Way. The $1,559,000 donated this year was a record amount for Avon Lake, Ohio-based PolyOne, which ranks as North America's largest compounder and concentrate maker.

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Monsanto urges Philippines to embrace GM and biotech

2015-12-03 13:37:43| Biotech - Topix.net

Monsanto has warned Congress that the Philippines could face a food crisis if it does not put biotechnology at the heart of its food security programme. Speaking before a House committee on food security hearing, the American agricultural giant stressed that genetically-modified crops which produce greater yields and are more resistant to drought and pests were essential for productivity.

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Charities hope Oregonians embrace #GivingTuesday

2015-12-02 18:03:21| PortlandOnline

Kaellen Hessel in KGW News, December 1, 2015

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