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A New Wave of Spectre-Class Attacks May Be Coming for Intel CPUs

2018-05-04 14:48:34| Extremetech

A new set of CPU vulnerabilities could be inbound, with up to eight different attacks said to target Intel CPUs -- but we'd recommend adopting a wait-and-see approach. The post A New Wave of Spectre-Class Attacks May Be Coming for Intel CPUs appeared first on ExtremeTech.

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Xing Mobility selects Clean Wave AC induction motors for electric super car Miss R

2018-05-03 09:57:16| Green Car Congress

Tags: r car super miss


This week in soft drinks & bottled water, featuring the cannabis wave, PepsiCo fizz and a frozen Coke

2018-04-20 17:01:00| Daily beverage news and comment - from just-drinks.com

Here's a round-up of this week's top stories from the global soft drinks & bottled water categories. Click the links to see our round-ups for beer & cider and spirits & wine.

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Bitcoin: 'I'm part of a crazy wave'

2017-12-08 23:05:54| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Three people share their experiences of buying Bitcoin.

Tags: part crazy wave bitcoin


The Return of Industrial Espionage and the Building New Wave of Scandals

2017-12-04 18:57:13| TechNewsWorld

As powerful men drop like flies due to their inability to resist abusing their authority, it's clear that the problem is widespread. Similarly, it's likely that we'll find the problem of alleged industrial espionage is not limited to Uber. You see, when people misuse authority -- and the sexual harassment problem is a massive misuse of authority -- folks typically don't just misuse it in one area.

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