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Autonomous Vehicle Development Fuels Industry Angst

2019-08-30 14:00:00| TechNewsWorld

In the Internet of Things -- or the "Intelligence of Things," which is a more apt description -- the automotive segment has become a leading center of innovation. Only healthcare offers the same ability to leverage advances in sensors, processing, connectivity and artificial intelligence technology to advance an industry while simultaneously improving society.

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Proposal to Regulate Plastic Straws Causes Angst in Madison, Wis.

2019-08-27 10:35:00| Waste Age

Disability rights advocates and the citys restaurant industry have raised concerns over a proposed ordinance to regulate single-use plastic straws.

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Expansion economics adds to angst

2016-10-08 04:15:00| Beef

There seems to be a fear that there is no bottom to markets once the cow herd expands and beef production starts to rise, says Derrell Peel, Extension livestock marketing specialist at Oklahoma State University. There seems to be a feeling that any data with a positive year-over-year change (herd inventory, cattle slaughter, beef production, feedlot placements, etc.) is cause for rampant bearishness." read more

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Spite Houses: 12 Homes Created With Anger and Angst

2015-12-15 08:30:25| Real Estate - Topix.net

What's not to love about a building called a "spite house?" In an essay in the New York Times , writer Kate Bolick discusses her dream of owning the Plum Island Pink House , a forlorn, decaying structure in Newbury, Massachusetts set in the middle of a salt marsh. The romantic, reclusive home stands alone for a reason; built by a recently divorced husband for his ex-wife as a condition of their separation, it's an exact duplicate of their shared home, just uncomfortably moored in the middle of remote wetlands and constructed without any running fresh water.

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Dow, S&P close at record highs as rate-hike angst abates

2015-05-19 23:28:21| Electronics - Topix.net

The Dow Jones industrial average and S&P 500 ended at record highs on Monday, helped by a rally in Apple as well as tepid economic data suggesting the Federal Reserve may wait to raise interest rates. The S&P 500 .SPX racked up its third straight all-time high close, gaining 6.47 points, or 0.3 percent, to end at 2,129.2 points.

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