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How India avoided its 'Lehman Brothers moment'

2018-10-03 12:10:08| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

India's government has taken over a major lending firm after it defaulted on loan repayments.

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The day Lehman Brothers went under

2018-09-14 22:50:28| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

The BBC talked to people involved about their memories of the bank's collapse on 15 September 2008.

Tags: day under brothers lehman


'I lost my dream job at Lehman and now make pasta'

2018-09-14 01:10:33| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Natalia Rogoff lost her "dream job" when Lehman Brothers went bust, she then set up a pasta business.

Tags: make now job lost


Lehman anniversary: The five most surprising consequences

2018-09-13 23:53:55| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

A decade on, some of the big consequences of the financial crisis are also the most surprising.

Tags: consequences anniversary surprising lehman


Lehman gamble paid off for investors

2018-09-12 08:39:43| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Some investors who took a punt on the wreck of Lehman Brothers' UK operations made handsome returns.

Tags: paid investors gamble lehman


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