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15-inch MacBook Pro Uses a Non-Removable SSD

2017-02-08 11:05:18| PC Magazine Storage Devices Product Guide

Upgrading the storage in a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar requires the entire logic board be replaced.

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Samsung plans to slash SSD prices to hard drive levels by 2020

2016-09-26 21:09:26| Extremetech

Samsung wants to slash SSD prices by 2020, with a 512GB drive matching the price of a 1TB HDD today. Samsung will need to cut prices by nearly 70% if it wants to pull that off.

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Seagate unveils the worlds largest SSD: 60TB

2016-08-10 16:28:29| Extremetech

Seagate Technology has taken the wraps off of an unbelievable 60TB solid state drive at the Flash Memory Summit in Silicon Valley.

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AMD announces Radeon Pro SSG: A GPU with 1TB of SSD storage attached

2016-07-26 22:14:02| Extremetech

AMD announced a major new prototype today -- an "SSG" graphics card with 1TB of on-board PCI Express NAND flash.

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Wainbee supplies a full selection of Parker SSD Drives

2016-07-15 01:26:08| Canadian Plastics Headlines

A range of Parker SSD Drives are available from Wainbee, including a variety of AC variable speed drives, high current output DC drives and more. The post Wainbee supplies a full selection of Parker SSD Drives appeared first on Canadian Plastics.

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