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ABB launches air outlet silencer and compact two-stroke turbocharger

2015-12-03 01:00:00| Ship Technology

Swiss power and automation technology group ABB Turbocharging has launched a commercial turbocharging air outlet silencer package to reduce noise levels on board ships.

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Grocery Outlet matching cash donations for toys

2015-12-02 04:39:08| Grocery - Topix.net

Once the store closes on Thursday that amount will be tallied and employees will shop till they drop down the toy isle. Store Owner Ron Davis said, "The thought of any kid not waking up Christmas morning and able to open any toys.

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Capped outlet pipes in Reservoir 6

2015-11-30 19:16:43| PortlandOnline

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Shoplifting at outlet mall leads to 2 arrests

2015-11-24 05:49:06| Apparel - Topix.net

Two Indianapolis women were arrested Sunday after more than $1,900 worth of clothing was taken from stores at a local mall, police said. Meals was arrested on a charge of driving a vehicle while having a suspended license with a prior conviction, the report said.

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Code Quiz: Conductors in Luminaire Outlet Boxes

2015-11-19 06:16:33| Electrical Construction & Maintenance

What, if any, is the temperature limit of conductors installed in luminaire outlet boxes? read more

Tags: code outlet boxes quiz


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