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Adobe Officially Killing Flash by End of 2020

2017-07-25 23:05:58| PC Magazine Security Product Guide

In just a few short years, Flash Player will be going away for goodnews that's probably music to the ears of IT security pros everywhere.

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Adobe to Kill Flash Plugin by 2020

2017-07-25 22:18:21| Extremetech

Flash never adapted to the modern world, and now Adobe is giving up. The post Adobe to Kill Flash Plugin by 2020 appeared first on ExtremeTech.

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Understanding the Arc Flash Hazard and changes to NFPA 70E related to AR/ FR Clothing

2017-07-24 19:11:13| Electrical Construction & Maintenance

This webinar will break down the causes of arc flashes, the related terminology, and the requirements for flame-resistant (FR) clothing.

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Western Digital Announces 96-Layer Flash Memory Chips

2017-06-28 21:04:39| PC Magazine Storage Devices Product Guide

As Intel starts shipping SSDs containing 64-layer chips, Western Digital prepares their replacement for next year.

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Provimi Pig Flash

2017-06-27 21:31:00| National Hog Farmer

Photo: Provimi’s David Bauer (center) demonstrates the functionality of the Pig Flash Model platform to the New Product Tour panel of judges (clockwise from top) Pat Thome, Aaron Lower, Erik Potter and Joseph Darrington. Provimi’s Pig Flash Model is a real-time diagnostic that allows producers to monetize complex feeding strategies, in a side-by-side comparison, allowing them to make faster and more profitable management and production decisions. The ability to compare variations in the feed budget, health status and even ingredient quality differences, is allowing producers to make both short and long-term comparisons in their production systems. “It’s hard to predict the future,” says Erik Potter, Extension swine specialist on the New Product Tour panel, “but if you can see where you can make an advantage in your operation it could be a great tool.”    

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