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Google will start blocking Flash content in Chrome this year

2016-05-16 20:37:45| Extremetech

It's finally time to start moving beyond Flash, but you'll still be able to load it in Chrome even after the default block goes into effect.

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Google Chrome to Block Flash by Default

2016-05-16 19:02:53| PC Magazine Software Product Guide

HTML5 will become the "primary experience" on Chrome, though Google will whitelist the top 10 Flash sites.

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OSHA Cites Georgia Power, Wiring Subcontractor after Arc Flash Burns Worker

2016-05-12 19:25:00| Electrical Construction & Maintenance

OSHA inspectors opened an investigation after learning an electric arc flash injured a worker at Georgia Power's Plant Bowen generating facility. read more

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Power Employees Injured in Arc Flash Fire

2016-04-28 18:26:00| Electrical Construction & Maintenance

A malfunction in an electrical panel caused a transformer to explode at Pioneer Hydropower in Hamilton, Mass. read more

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National Safety Apparel Offers Performance, Protection and Selection in Arc Flash Head Protection

2016-04-22 17:42:00| Transmission & Distribution World

National Safety Apparel features a wide variety of flame resistant and arc flash stocked head protection. T&D World's The Briefing Room read more

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