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Katie Holmes (Literally) Travels In Style: Actress Wears Ballgown to N.Y.C.'s Penn Station

2015-10-08 17:09:14| Railroads - Topix.net

The actress juxtaposed couture with public transit when she hit New York City's Penn Station on Thursday in a ballgown, as documented through Instagram . Donning a full-length red brocade dress with black detailing, Holmes minded the gap as she lifted her dress up to board a New Jersey Transit train.

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Raspberry Pi Computer Enclosures provide protection and style.

2015-09-30 14:31:07| Industrial Newsroom - All News for Today

TEK-BERRY+ enclosures for Raspberry Pi™ Model B+ computers and TEK-CAM+ enclosures for miniature cameras feature snap-on closure and LED light pipe on top section. Air vents on bottom optimize cooling, and cover protects Micro SD memory card slot. Measuring 3.961 x 2.894 x 1.122 in., cases have max PCB size of 3.346 x  2,205 in. and are molded from flame-retardant ABS+PC blend. In addition to various accessories, functional and aesthetic customization options are also available.

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Miniature PCB Test Point features hybrid mounting style.

2015-09-25 14:31:10| Industrial Newsroom - All News for Today

Manufactured from phosphor bronze with silver plating, Catalog No. 5027 features ability to be mounted on PCB via surface mounting methods with locating pin. Hybrid mounting style maximizes efficiency of SMT contacts with strength and durability of thru-hole solder connections to board. Symmetrical flat-wire design provides anchoring point for probes, j-hooks, and other circuit testing devices while minimizing shifting and pull off damage.

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How to win a (bowling) alley fight, Homestead style

2015-09-23 01:41:07| Auto Dealers - Topix.net

When the operator of Dadeland Dodge needed some political muscle to get a deal on 4.6 acres of taxpayer-owned property pushed through the Homestead City Council, he found a staunch ally in Jimmie L. Williams III. Williams, a bespectacled councilman and church pastor who sports trademark bow ties and - records suggest - may not live in the city he represents, became a fierce advocate of Jay Rivchin's proposal to build a Hyundai dealership on the site of a forlorn, long-shuttered bowling alley on U.S. 1. He worked tirelessly from the dais - and, it turns out, secretly behind the scenes - to ensure the public land sale went through without a hitch.

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Utility Transformation, Hong Kong Style

2015-09-22 17:46:00| Transmission & Distribution World

Paul Poon Leading to Smarter Energy Use Electricity plays a key part in our lives and we see real benefit in an informed public debate on the complex subject of the future of our electricity system. read more

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