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Google to Dim Flash Player in Chrome Browser

2016-05-17 23:30:57| TechNewsWorld

Google last week announced that it would minimize use of Adobe's Flash Player in its Chrome Web browser by the end of the year by turning off its default status. When Chrome encounters a Web page, it will report the presence of Flash Player only if a user has indicated that the domain should execute Flash or if the site is in one of the top 10 domains using Flash, ‎Google's Anthony LaForge said.

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Amazon moves to second place in U.S. streaming media player sales

2016-05-17 19:40:40| Digital TV News

Parks Associates has announced research at INTX showing Roku is still the most popular brand of streaming media players, accounting for 30% of the players purchased from 1Q 2015 to 1Q 2016. Amazon moved into a virtual tie with Google at 22% of sales.

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Ghosn: Renault-Nissan needs both high- and low-spec EVs to be player in China market; ongoing importance of govt support

2016-05-05 19:56:10| Green Car Congress

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VIDEO: Why buy records if you don't have a player?

2016-04-14 01:19:44| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Sales of vinyl are up by more than 60% this year, but almost half of those who buy records never actually listen to them.

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Dune HD and Sigma Designs create 4K Hybrid Media Player and IoT Hub

2016-04-07 15:30:57| Digital TV News

Sigma Designs (NASDAQ: SIGM) has announced that Dune HD has selected Sigma Designs' SMP8758 and Z-Wave technology for its new hybrid media player, SOLO 4K.

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