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Cracked iPhone Screen? Now It's Cheaper to Fix

2016-09-08 23:00:20| PC Magazine Cell Phones Product Guide

AppleCare+ customers will have to pay just $29, instead of the full $99, to get their busted screen fixed.

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Stay alert: Screen cover seed for Palmer amaranth presence

2016-08-16 21:46:00| Corn & Soybean Digest

Mark Loux, Ohio State University As of 2016, Palmer amaranth outbreaks can be traced to three sources. Knowing what the sources of palmer amaranth are means that we should be able prevent any additional new infestations. read more

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Triangle Label finds success with Screen

2016-08-12 14:00:00| Label and Narrow Web Breaking News

The Truepress Jet L350UV inkjet label press has provided versatility and cost savings.

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Make screen separation faster and easier with solutions from Vibra Finish

2016-06-30 02:30:44| Canadian Plastics Headlines

There are several ways to reduce the time needed for degating and separating die-castings. Vibra Finish is an expert in this areas, and offers some tips. The post Make screen separation faster and easier with solutions from Vibra Finish appeared first on Canadian Plastics.

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ExxonMobil's climate-change smoke screen

2016-06-28 20:00:00| Climate Ark Climate Change & Global Warming Newsfeed

Alaska Dispatch News: Global warming is perhaps the single most significant threat facing the future of humanity on this planet. It is likely to wreak havoc on the economy, including, most especially, on the stocks of companies that sell hydrocarbon energy products. If large oil companies have deliberately misinformed investors about their knowledge of global warming, they may have committed serious commercial fraud. A potentially analogous instance of fraud occurred when tobacco companies were found to have deliberately...

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