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Built-In Battery Makes Acer Aspire AIO Portable

2015-10-12 19:02:34| PC Magazine Desktops Product Guide

The Aspire R 14 convertible notebook and Aspire Z3-700 portable all-in-one PC take advantage of features like Cortana, Continuum, Microsoft Edge, and the Xbox app.

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Network Video Recorders feature built-in PoE/PoE+ switches.

2015-10-05 14:31:08| Industrial Newsroom - All News for Today

Offered in 4-, 8-, and 16-channel models with built-in PoE/PoE+ network switch, plug-and-play NVRs enable HDMI/VGA monitor to be connected and controlled with USB mouse or IR remote for setup and monitoring. Menu-driven wizard and GUI-based camera image and motion detection setup are standard, and 16-channel model SRN-1673S has front-accessible hard drives. Respectively, models SRN-473S (4-port), SRN-873S (8-port), and SRN-1673S (16-port) offer 32, 64, and 80 Mbps network camera recording.

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Brushless DC Gearmotors feature built-in speed control.

2015-09-29 14:31:06| Industrial Newsroom - All News for Today

Designed for portable or remote applications where connection to AC line is not possible, INTEGRAmotor™ Series 34B/SR-WX combines low-voltage PWM speed control, brushless DC motor, and high-torque gearhead in one package. Enclosed IP44-rated PWM control can be operated with built-in speed pot, or remotely via analog input signals. Both 12 and 24 Vdc rated models are available with inputs for run, brake, speed, and direction, as well as 12 pulse/revolution tach output and dynamic braking.

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Firefox Gets Built-In Instant Messaging

2015-09-24 19:00:46| PC Magazine Software Product Guide

The latest version of the browser, Firefox 41, made its debut this week with a new built-in instant messaging feature.

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Miniature Piezoelectric Stage features built-in controller.

2015-09-15 14:31:08| Industrial Newsroom - All News for Today

Measuring 12 mm in diameter, including closed-loop controller, DK-M3-RS-U-1M-20 Piezoelectric Mirror Positioning System rotates pre-mounted aluminum-coated mirror ±20° at up to 1,100°/sec with accuracy of 0.25° for precise, point-to-point positioning or dynamic scanning up to 100 Hz. Miniature rotary stage integrates piezoelectric motors along with position sensors, bearings, drive electronics, and firmware. Operating from 3.3 Vdc, unit accepts input via I2C, SPI, UART or analog servo interface.

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