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First LTE-Advanced Signaling Solution With Built-In Fading Introduced By Anritsu Company

2015-09-03 08:15:52| rfglobalnet Home Page

Anritsu Company has enhanced its MD8430A signalling tester with channel fading simulation to create the industry’s first LTE-Advanced signaling solution with fading capability to support 4x4 MIMO and 8x2 MIMO.

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Ditch Built-In Dictation for Dragon Anywhere Apps

2015-08-24 01:02:17| PC Magazine Cell Phones Product Guide

Nuance is appealing to business users who need accurate and responsive transcription on the go.

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Mobile Printer includes built-in autocutter.

2015-08-07 14:31:09| Industrial Newsroom - All News for Today

Leveraging ePOS™ Print and Server Direct Print technologies, 3 in. Mobilink™ P80 Plus optimizes transaction accuracy and efficiency in retail and hospitality environments. Lightweight unit offers print speed up to 100 mm/sec, battery life up to 33 hours, and built-in autocutter that cuts receipts with clean, smooth edges. With paper-saving options, printer can reduce usage up to 23%. Connectivity options are provided to meet requirements of iOS, Android, and Windows applications.

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Twin-Spindle, Multitasking Turning Center has built-in automation.

2015-08-03 14:31:07| Industrial Newsroom - All News for Today

Able to complete parts machining in one operation, Nakamura-Tome NTRX-300 features true opposing twin spindles – 8 in. A2-6, 25 hp or 10 in. A2-8, 30 hp – as well as 25 hp tool spindle with 12,000 rpm and 5-axis capabilities. Unit has 104 ft² footprint, can machine 10 in.² on part face without C-axis rotation, and comes in 2 models with 8 in. or 10 in. chucks and respective 2.5 and 3.15 in. bar capacities. Load/unload automation system and operator recognition management software are standard.

Tags: center turning automation multitasking


BER Test System includes built-in error counters.

2015-07-31 14:31:04| Industrial Newsroom - All News for Today

With PAM-4 data format support and built-in error counters, M8000 Series helps engineers characterize and test high-speed digital receivers for data-center networking, storage, and computer industries. Solution consists of AXIe-based BERT and arbitrary waveform generator modules that are controlled from common user interface software. Users can generate PAM-4 patterns up to 32 Gbaud symbol rate and up to 4 channels with M8195A arbitrary waveform generator, and NRZ patterns with J-BERT M8020A.

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