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SCS Participates in Phase One of the Circular Plastics Alliance

2019-04-19 10:35:00| Waste Age

The European Commission launched the CPA with the goal of ensuring 10 million tons of recycled plastics are used in new products by 2025.

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Category: Energy and Environment

Sealed Air and Kuraray Invest in Plant-based Food Packaging

2019-04-19 10:30:00| Waste Age

Sealed Air is expanding and upgrading its facilities in South Carolina and Texas to meet increased demand for sustainable food packaging.

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Category: Energy and Environment

EPR: Curbside Recyclings Magic Bullet?

2019-04-19 10:00:00| Waste Age

Making manufacturers pay is a great sound bite for all of recyclings problems. But is it worth all the downside?

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Category: Energy and Environment

Passion for Organics Recycling Runs Deeps for Harvest Powers Sorensen

2019-04-19 10:00:00| Waste Age

Meredith Sorensen, a 2019 Waste360 40 Under 40 award recipient, discusses her work, passion for organics and sustainability and what it's like to run a preschool and drive a dump truck.

Tags: runs passion powers recycling

Category: Energy and Environment

EnviroServe and Sunpro Merge Under the EnviroServe Brand

2019-04-18 10:40:00| Waste Age

EnviroServe also announced the addition of new regional offices in Michigan, Ohio and Minnesota.

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Category: Energy and Environment

Catskill, N.Y., Activists Fight Proposed Incinerator Ash Dump

2019-04-18 10:35:00| Waste Age

Wheelabrator Technologies is in the process of applying for permits for the dump with the state EPA.

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Category: Energy and Environment

NWRA Recognizes Leaders for Industry Contributions

2019-04-18 10:30:00| Waste Age

The award winners will be officially recognized at WasteExpo 2019 during the NWRA Awards Breakfast.

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Category: Energy and Environment

Fort Collins, Colo., Approves Mandate for C&D Debris

2019-04-18 10:25:00| Waste Age

The City Council approved the measure after signing a regional agreement to replace the Larimer County landfill, which is near capacity.

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Category: Energy and Environment

ISRI Lauds Decision to Exclude Auto Shredder Parts from China Tariffs

2019-04-18 10:20:00| Waste Age

The exclusion will lift a 25 percent tariff on critical shredding machine components.

Tags: auto china parts decision

Category: Energy and Environment

ISRI Honors Safe Driver, Golden Wrench Awards Recipients

2019-04-18 10:15:00| Waste Age

ISRI named Sadoff Iron & Metal employees as its Safe Driver of the Year and Golden Wrench Awards recipients for 2019.

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Category: Energy and Environment

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