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St. Peterburg's Sustainability Director Resigns for Federal Position

2024-07-17 18:03:12| Waste Age

Category:Energy and Environment

Brown Gibbons Lang & Companys Cocita Sees Sustainability as a Smart Investment

2024-07-17 17:09:17| Waste Age

In this Q&A, James Cocita discusses navigating the ins and outs of selling or acquiring a business. And he expounds on investors  increased  interest in the transition to a circular economy and, with that interest, their growing attraction to the waste management sector.

Category:Energy and Environment

Composting: A Financially Viable Alternative to Recycling

2024-07-17 14:50:20| Waste Age

In the face of volatile economic conditions affecting the recycling industry, exploring alternative waste management solutions like composting offers stability and resilience. Composting, which converts organic waste into valuable compost used in agriculture and landscaping, provides consistent demand and local market resilience, mitigating the financial uncertainties associated with recycling. This approach not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions and enhances soil quality but also creates sustainable economic opportunities, positioning municipalities for more stable waste management practices amid global environmental challenges.

Category:Energy and Environment

London Pharmacies Partake in Inhaler Recycling Pilot Program Looking to Reduce Greenhouse Gases

2024-07-17 14:22:25| Waste Age

South East London pharmacies have signed up for a pilot program that will collect and recycle old inhalers.

Category:Energy and Environment

Cardiff, Wales Adds 47,000 Homes to Newly Adopted Segregated Recycling System

2024-07-17 14:21:47| Waste Age

More homes are being included in a newly adopted segregated recycling system in Cardiff, Wales which has proven to lower contamination rates.

Category:Energy and Environment

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