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Enviroplast, Canada Fibers Partner to Recycle Plastic Film

2019-03-08 09:00:00| Waste Age

The agreement will see CFL supply post-consumer plastic film to Enviroplasts new facility in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada.

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Category: Energy and Environment

FPA Announces 2019 Flexible Packaging Achievement Award Winners

2019-03-08 09:00:00| Waste Age

This year, 54 packages were submitted in the competition, for a total of 140 entries.

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Category: Energy and Environment

Rethinking the Bottle Bill in the Context of Universal Curbside Recycling

2019-03-08 09:00:00| Waste Age

New York States current proposal aims to further expand the beverage containers included within the states deposit redemption system.

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Category: Energy and Environment

Respecting Your ELDers: The Extra Benefits

2019-03-08 09:00:00| Waste Age

Now that the mandate for ELD usage is underway, fleets and drivers are discovering additional gains, both subtle and obvious, gleaned from the devices.

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Category: Energy and Environment

PUCO Nominating Council to meet March 14

2019-03-08 06:00:00| Recent PUCO Media Releases

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Category: Energy and Environment

India Announces Plans to Ban Scrap Plastic Imports

2019-03-07 15:22:00| Waste Age

The move was made in an effort to strengthen the implementation of environmentally sound management of hazardous waste in the country.

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Category: Energy and Environment

Energy Vision Urges N.Y. to Include Biomethane in Climate Legislation

2019-03-07 09:25:00| Waste Age

Energy Vision filed testimony with the New York State Legislature to include biomethane made from organic waste as a renewable energy source in the CCPA.

Tags: include energy vision legislation

Category: Energy and Environment

NWRA Comments on Proposed SWEEP Municipal Standards

2019-03-07 09:20:00| Waste Age

As secretariat for ANSI standards, NWRA urges that the municipal standard engage in the ANSI process.

Tags: comments standards proposed municipal

Category: Energy and Environment

Florida Lawmakers Consider Ban on Plastic Straw Bans

2019-03-07 09:15:00| Waste Age

A proposed bill in Florida would place a five-year suspension on municipalities banning the use of plastic straws.

Tags: florida plastic ban straw

Category: Energy and Environment

Oceanic Society, SC Johnson to Drive Engagement on Ocean Conservation

2019-03-07 09:10:00| Waste Age

Company CEOs explore the plastic pollution problem firsthand during expedition for Oceanic Societys 50th Anniversary.

Tags: drive society johnson ocean

Category: Energy and Environment

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