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China Yarn Prices: Domestic and Import Markets (Weekly Report)

2019-08-08 20:14:04| EmergingTextiles.com

Spun yarn prices are falling across the board in China after cotton fiber prices have begun sliding in the last two days. Cotton yarn futures are significantly falling, as a clear sign that spun yarn prices could now tumble. Our weekly report covers the China yarn domestic and import market indicators, as well as local market prices in Qianqing (Zhejiang). Prices of a large number of counts are released for spun cotton, polyester, viscose, and blends. Import prices are also available for cotton yarns. Domestic and import yarn prices are compared. All data are available for download.

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Category: Textiles and Nonwovens

FaceTory Releases Plant-based Sheet Mask Line

2019-08-08 16:35:00| Nonwovens Industry Breaking News

Eight new masks are part of the collection

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Category: Textiles and Nonwovens

SF Launches Pop N Glow Sheet Mask Collection

2019-08-08 15:52:00| Nonwovens Industry Breaking News

Line includes masks for face, lips, eyes and hair

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Category: Textiles and Nonwovens

Neenah Reports Lower Sales

2019-08-08 15:41:00| Nonwovens Industry Breaking News

Technical Products sales down 5%

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Category: Textiles and Nonwovens

Ravenwood Packaging offering sleeves for ready meals

2019-08-07 22:49:00| Label and Narrow Web Breaking News

Ravenwood's Nobac 500R machine has been specially developed and tailored inline with applying these labels to ready meal packs.

Tags: ready offering packaging meals

Category: Textiles and Nonwovens

Mexican printer turns to any-CUT III

2019-08-07 22:27:00| Label and Narrow Web Breaking News

The any-CUT III digital laser diecutter now allows Etimex Print to offer on-demand labels to its customers.

Tags: iii printer turns mexican

Category: Textiles and Nonwovens

Pakistan Yarn Prices: Domestic and Export Markets (Weekly Report)

2019-08-07 18:14:56| EmergingTextiles.com

Cotton prices have tumbled in the last days in Pakistan, with polyester prices being also lowered. Yarn prices could, therefore, be reduced after Eid holidays. Our weekly review offers a comprehensive picture of the domestic and export yarn markets in Pakistan, with cotton yarns, polyester-cotton, polyester-viscose, polyester spun and viscose spun prices being covered. All these weekly data are available for download over 12 months.

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Category: Textiles and Nonwovens

Cotton and Polyester Price Comparison: China, India, and Pakistan (Monthly Report)

2019-08-07 18:14:56| EmergingTextiles.com

Cotton prices have declined in most markets in July, whereas polyester prices were recovering. As a result, the cotton vs. PSF spread has further dropped. Polyester prices, however, remain below cotton prices in China, India, and Pakistan, which could boost demand for polyester fibers. Our monthly report delivers a comparative view of the average cotton and polyester prices in China, India, and Pakistan, including the latest and historical trends of the cotton/polyester price difference. Our charts cover the past 5-year period. Full historical data covering the past ten years are available for download.

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Category: Textiles and Nonwovens

Meyers earns Hormel Spirit of Excellence Award

2019-08-07 16:46:00| Label and Narrow Web Breaking News

Hormel presents the annual awards to top-performing suppliers in all areas of its operation.

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Category: Textiles and Nonwovens

Polyester Fiber Prices in China, India, and Pakistan (Weekly Report)

2019-08-07 16:16:12| EmergingTextiles.com

Polyester prices have continued to decline in China, reflecting a low level in demand and a fall of raw material costs. Whatever the decline of polyester prices, margins have significantly risen at fiber plants. PSF prices have been slightly lowered in India. Our weekly report covers the Polyester Staple Fiber (PSF) on the domestic markets in China, India, and Pakistan. Polyester filament prices in China are also released, whereas the report includes a price comparison of polyester with cotton and viscose in China.

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Category: Textiles and Nonwovens

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