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Best Buy admits Q4 sales were terrible... just like everyone...

2016-02-25 16:34:46| Electronics - Topix.net

Best Buy shares dropped as much as 3% in pre-market trading Thursday after the company reported fourth-quarter results. But America's largest electronics retailer wants shareholders to know that it's been ugly across the consumer-electronics-industry board.

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Hands On: HP Elite x3, a Business Phablet That Works Like a PC

2016-02-21 22:03:47| PC Magazine Cell Phones Product Guide

Windows 10 Continuum pays dividends with the HP Elite x3, though there is one catch.

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Here's what a 2018 Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep lineup might look like

2016-02-01 18:02:32| Automakers - Topix.net

What will Fiat Chrysler Automobiles' U.S. product lineup look like when CEO Sergio Marchionne's new business plan is fully executed? Few details were provided last week, but it probably will appear as though fuel economy targets had been thrown out the window. There will be lots of SUVs, crossovers and pickups, a minivan or two and a smattering of large cars.

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How Climate Change Could Spread Diseases Like Zika

2016-01-30 22:32:00| Climate Ark Climate Change & Global Warming Newsfeed

Time: For thousands of years, humans have taken every precaution to avoid mosquitoes and the diseases they carry, from Malaria to Zika. But while techniques for fighting the insects have improved dramatically over time, scientists say long-term climate change could soon make protecting humans from mosquitoes much more difficult. The link between climate change and mosquito-borne illness centers around how rising temperatures may expand the area in which mosquitoes can thrive. Most such illnesses can...

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You'll Soon Be Able to Smell Like Diamonds

2016-01-28 04:04:34| Jewelry - Topix.net

If you've always wanted a perfume that made you smell more like a gem than a hard rock , you'll be happy to hear that Tiffany & Co. has signed a deal with Coty, the fragrance company behind scents like Marc Jacobs Decadence and Chlo .

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