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Everybody Matters: The Extraordinary Power of Caring for Your People Like Family

2015-10-02 03:42:05| Grocery - Topix.net

Everybody Matters: The Extraordinary Power of Caring for Your People Like Family by Bob Chapman & Raj Sisodia, Portfolio, 272 pages, $27.95, October 2015, ISBN 9781591847793 The great Israeli short story writer Edger Keret told The New York Times Book Review earlier this year that he tends "to avoid autobiographies and memoirs, since I tend to mistrust people who are telling a story they have such a great stake in." And I tend to feel the same way about books written by business leaders touting their own approach to, or accomplishments in, business.

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Two Trending Stocks Moving in Different Directions; Which One Hedge Funds Like More?

2015-09-18 19:53:42| Steel - Topix.net

In Friday intraday trading, two stocks have been trending as they moved in opposite directions as large volumes of shares changed hands. One of them, Texas Instruments Incorporated , had started the session in the red, but managed to recoup the losses and has inched up by 0.8% so far.

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'This has become like a prison'

2015-08-31 05:14:49| Apparel - Topix.net

NESTLE is facing a class action over allegations it uses slave labour and human trafficking to produce its popular Fancy Feast cat food. TROUBLED education provider Vocation has named Frank Lintvelt as its new finance director, as it continues to rebuild after its stock price collapse.

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Chris Christie: As president I would hire FedEx CEO to teach us how to track immigrants like packages

2015-08-29 21:03:20| Air Courier - Topix.net

Appearing at a townhall in Laconia, New Hampshire, GOP presidential contender Chris Christie attempted to set his campaign apart from the pack with a unique suggestion for dealing with immigrants: get Federal Express to teach the government how to track them like they do with packages. According to Time political correspondent Phil Elliott, Christie gave a lively townhall talk Saturday morning, tweeting: "Man, oh man.

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A plane that can take off and land like a helicopter

2015-08-28 15:37:28| Industrial Machines - Topix.net

XTI is designing the TriFan 600 to become the first commercially certified high-speed, long-range vertical takeoff and landing airplane . TI Aircraft, a Denver, Colorado-based aerospace startup firm, launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on Tuesday to raise $50 million to fund the production of the TriFan 600, a six-seat fixed wing jet that can take off and land like a helicopter.

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