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Gadget Ogling: Falling Apples and Magical Pancakes

2015-03-14 13:00:00| TechNewsWorld

Apple dropped a few new facts about its Watch at this week's presentation. The hardware is interesting in that Apple is limiting what people can do with their 8 GB of storage. No more than a quarter of that can be filed with music, and photos can take up just 75 MB, which seems somewhat rudimentary. I'm glad to see the battery apparently lasts enough to see out a full day.

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Christmas is magical through the eyes of a child

2014-12-24 05:01:02| Beef

Christmas is a time for family traditions. Amanda Radke shares some of the traditions she plans to share with her baby girl this year. Plus, watch a fun video of cows coming home to the tune of Jingle Bells. BEEF Daily read more

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Zoom into a computer chip: Watch this video to fully appreciate just how magical modern microchips are

2014-11-13 20:24:50| Extremetech

I don't think you appreciate just how magical the computer chip at the heart of your smartphone or PC really is. In the case of a smartphone's SoC, you essentially have a single less-than-a-square-inch package that enables you to do almost anything, from playing games, to accessing a cellular network, to contactlessly paying for your groceries. Let's zoom in on a CPU to see just how it performs all of those functions.

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Premier Paper stages 'Magical' Bury St Edmunds Branch Event

2014-10-02 20:07:30| Paper - Topix.net

The event was held on 25th September, with over 200 customers in attendance, and some 16 suppliers exhibiting their products including: Sappi, Lecta and Stora Enso, with customers encouraged to visit the stands and meet the paper mills to discuss and learn more about the products on offer through the Premier Paper Group. Customers also got to meet the Premier Digital, Premier Hedsorboard and Carbon Capture teams.

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Christiana Key's Magical Mystery Music

2014-07-27 03:16:00| IT Services - Topix.net

Money, sex, fun, ego things, you know? And then after getting those things so easily, you realize that it's not what you need and that's not really what you want anymore."

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