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Intel Unveils Breakthrough Quantum Computer

2018-01-09 22:15:55| Extremetech

Intel has announced a new milestone in quantum computing, with 49 qubits now available. That's a huge step forward for the company compared with the 17-qubit system it showed just months ago. The post Intel Unveils ‘Breakthrough’ Quantum Computer appeared first on ExtremeTech.

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AEye introduces iDAR perception system for autonomous vehicles; fusion of LiDAR, computer vision and AI

2018-01-07 19:56:22| Green Car Congress

Tags: system computer vision vehicles


American Airlines Computer Glitch Could Wreck Your Christmas Travel Plans

2017-11-30 15:16:40| Extremetech

A glitch in American Airlines vacation-scheduling software allowed nearly everyone to take Christmas off -- including the company's pilot roster. The post American Airlines Computer Glitch Could Wreck Your Christmas Travel Plans appeared first on ExtremeTech.

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Kaspersky: NSA Computer Was Infested With Malware

2017-11-20 19:06:15| PC Magazine Security Product Guide

The computer had 121 pieces of malware on the system, according to Kaspersky. 'It is possible that the user could have leaked information to many hands,' the security firm said.

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Railway Computer 3.0: An Innovative Board Design Could Revolutionise the Market

2017-10-11 16:34:00| Railway Technology

When you have designed and built up redundant computer systems for the safety-critical railway market for many years, you both appreciate the upsides and know about the downsides of an established bus system.

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