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New Electrical Safety Testing Program to Identify Pool and Marina Shock Hazards

2018-07-10 18:27:38| Electrical Construction & Maintenance

H2Volt is the first standardized contact voltage safety testing program for pools, marinas, and other public water features such as large fountains

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Child Critically Injured by Electric Shock at Maryland Resort

2018-07-02 19:28:38| Electrical Construction & Maintenance

Initial investigation found that two children were touching a rail that was energized with lights and is located near a fountain

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'Bill shock' warning on 118 calls prompts regulator to act

2018-06-13 18:26:04| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

The regulator Ofcom says it wants to cap the price of directory enquiry calls at 3.10 for 90 seconds.

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Virginia Teen Recovering After Lake Shock from Dock Wiring

2018-06-13 01:25:48| Electrical Construction & Maintenance

A Virginia teenager was shocked last week due to faulty dock wiring at Smith Mountain Lake, VA, after grabbing a chain that was touching the water, according to location television station WSET. The 17-year-old victim was treated at a local hospital

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Texas A&M, Oklahoma Luxury Dorms Stumble Amid Sticker Shock

2018-06-12 22:26:55| National Real Estate Investor

Parents aren't willing or able to pay as much as $1,000 a month for luxury student housing.

Tags: texas oklahoma shock luxury


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