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Tech CEOs Need Keep the April Fools' Jokes to Themselves

2018-04-04 19:40:00| PC Magazine: the Official John C. Dvorak RSS Feed

It's high time someone was held accountable for the bad decisions by companies that embrace gag anno

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The Key to New Trends in Tech and Design

2018-04-03 17:26:04| National Real Estate Investor

Getting connected is key to happy tenants and high cash flow.

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IAB Tech Lab releases OTT Identifier for Advertising guidelines for comment

2018-04-03 16:30:38| Digital TV News

The IAB Technology Laboratory has released 'Guidelines for Identifier for Advertising on OTT Platforms' with recommendations on how to maintain a high-quality advertising experience within over-the-top television (OTT) environments.

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Hands Off With Ambarellas Camera-Only Self-Driving Car Tech

2018-04-02 16:45:01| Extremetech

Ambarella knows as much about designing cameras as anyone, so it is natural it would be one of the first to field a self-driving car eschewing lidar and relying almost entirely on vision. Here's how it works and how our test ride went. The post Hands Off With Ambarella’s Camera-Only Self-Driving Car Tech appeared first on ExtremeTech.

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In HQ2 Site Visits, Amazon Focuses on Education, Tech Talent Pipeline

2018-04-02 16:26:00| National Real Estate Investor

Amazon has been scoping the sites on its second headquarters shortlist, focusing on education and tech talent.

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