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RealmFive, Boehringer Ingelheim collaborate on tech solutions

2021-10-22 17:46:00| National Hog Farmer

Products Barn View paired with Farmera create an unmatched solution for operations.

Tags: solutions tech collaborate boehringer


Britain Strikes $552 Million Partnership with Bill Gates to Supercharge Green Tech

2021-10-22 16:30:00| OGI

Speaking at a Global Investment Summit alongside U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Bill Gates said investment was needed to further develop new technologies that were currently too expensive for the consumer market.

Tags: green million bill tech


Tech Trends (Week of Oct. 18, 2021)

2021-10-19 00:00:33| OGI

This weekly section highlights the latest upstream technologies designed to improve efficiencies.

Tags: week oct tech trends


New Tech Provides Much-needed Update for Remote Well Monitoring

2021-10-18 16:00:00| OGI

Remote oil and gas wells are notoriously difficult to monitor, but new technology may make them some of the most advanced sites out there.

Tags: well update tech remote


Can African tech giant Jumia deliver on its promise?

2021-10-15 02:00:03| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Can Africa-focussed tech giant Jumia deliver on its promises to a new generation of consumers?

Tags: tech deliver african promise


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