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UBC researchers find life-cycle GHG benefits of LNG in marine shipping only from high-pressure dual-fuel engines in ocean-going vessels

2019-05-20 12:57:03| Green Car Congress

Tags: find shipping benefits marine


UW Madison, ExxonMobil researchers convert alcohols to diesel-range ethers and olefins

2019-05-18 12:57:00| Green Car Congress

Tags: researchers convert madison alcohols


UK researchers use graphite to waterproof perovskite solar cells

2019-05-13 11:56:58| Green Car Congress

Tags: cells researchers solar waterproof


Researchers propose using AC and ventilation systems for decentralized production of carbon-neutral synthetic fuels

2019-05-05 12:57:00| Green Car Congress

Tags: systems production propose researchers


Researchers use fluorescence probe to show distribution of active lithium species on lithium metal anodes

2019-04-29 11:56:59| Green Car Congress

Tags: show active distribution metal


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