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To Resist Manipulation, Ask One Question

2018-09-10 19:17:04| TechNewsWorld

The level of effort devoted to manipulating our opinions is unprecedented. Granted, a lot of this has to do with the fact that most of the "free" online services we use aren't free at all. They are trading our ability to make measured opinions for advertisers' money, and some of these "advertisers" are foreign governments. There is one question we should be asking of any inflammatory story: Why?

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Salary question blamed for gender pay gap

2018-08-22 01:15:27| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Asking people what they currently earn can trap women into lower salaries, a charity says.

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Ask a Question

2018-08-09 16:57:13| PortlandOnline

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State Pension Funds Question KKR on Role in Toys `R' Us Demise

2018-06-25 19:29:04| National Real Estate Investor

The Minnesota State Board of Investment decided last week to temporarily halt future commitments to KKR as it reviews the investment.

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Got a question about Workplace for our Podcast Panel? Ask away until 2 May!

2018-05-02 01:01:00| BIFM News

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