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E-Scooters: On a Road to Nowhere

2018-09-07 14:00:00| TechNewsWorld

As summer winds die down here's hoping one of the season's most ridiculous and unnecessary fads goes with them. Bird and Lime e-scooters are just the latest twist on the foot-powered Razor Scooters that took America by storm in 2000. Unlike Razor, which introduced electric-power models back in 2003, Bird and Lime utilize a subscription model instead of ownership.

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Why Natural Gas Is a Bridge Fuel to Nowhere

2016-09-11 17:07:00| Climate Ark Climate Change & Global Warming Newsfeed

EcoWatch: For decades, coal-fired power dominated the U.S. energy supplyand was a leading source of greenhouse gas emissions. But a combination of factors including cheap natural gas, stronger pollution controls, increasing investment in renewable power and improved energy efficiency have pushed coal's share of the energy market down to 33 percent and with it the carbon-intensive fuel's share of the nation's greenhouse pollution. As a result, this year will be the first when CO2 emissions from coal-fired...

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EU Pig Prices: The Market is Going Nowhere

2016-04-25 02:00:00| ThePigSite - Industry News

EU - The European pig slaughter market still does not gain momentum. Agricultural producers still need to content themselves with the very low price level achieved so far. Almost all EU member countries show unchanged quotations.

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Idling Gets You Nowhere

2015-09-29 01:04:09| PortlandOnline

10 seconds of idling your car wastes more gas than restarting

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Legacy of Pine Island biotech park: foreclosures, unpaid taxes and interchange to nowhere

2015-09-06 03:32:39| Biotech - Topix.net

A 2010 sign for Elk Run Biotechnology Center along Hwy. 52 in Pine Island, Minn.

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