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Forgotten Frontline Workers at Seniors Housing Properties Need Support

2020-04-27 08:02:00| National Real Estate Investor

By prioritizing frontline healthcare workers needs, we will be able to keep seniors safe and healthy.

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SGL Carbon to produce carbon fiber battery housing cover for BMW Group

2020-04-24 11:56:15| Green Car Congress

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The Short- and Long-Term Implications of COVID-19 for Seniors Housing

2020-04-13 18:11:00| National Real Estate Investor

There will be pain in the immediate future, especially for independent living, and some lasting changes in operating procedures.

Tags: short housing implications seniors


Bleak Outlook for the Seniors Housing Sector in the Near Term

2020-04-09 20:37:00| National Real Estate Investor

The sector is starting to deal with rising operating expenses, declining occupancies and fewer move-ins.

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Its The End of the World As We Know It How Will Seniors Housing Fare?

2020-04-07 18:01:00| National Real Estate Investor

Prioritizing frontline health care workers needs is how we will keep seniors safe and healthy.

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