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Panel Discussion: Scrap Your Fears About Food Waste: A Guide to Implementing an Organics Collection Program (Public Sector) (WasteExpo 2019)

2019-05-22 15:58:00| Waste Age

Attendees will learn best practices for municipalities developing or improving food waste and organics programs. Panelists will present case studies & provide a comprehensive review of steps in the process, e.g., city, hauler, processor. All phas

Tags: public guide program food


Organic Waste Bans, Mandatory Organics Recycling Laws, and Related Strategies for Food Waste Management: An Analysis of Existing Policies, Challenges, & Opportunities (Public Sector) (WasteExpo 2019)

2019-05-22 15:37:00| Waste Age

Harvard Law School Food Law and Policy Clinic and Center for EcoTechnology will present on a toolkit for states and cities interested in implementing organic waste bans or recycling laws. Attendees will learn best practices for implementing food wast

Tags: related public management food


RFID, PAYT - Are These the Future of Waste? (Public Sector) (WasteExpo 2019)

2019-05-22 02:00:00| Waste Age

We hear about Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) and the uber model of waste collection more and more these days, but how do you set up a program that works for both you and the customer? What role does technology play in this system, and does it really work?

Tags: public future sector waste


MUNI ROUNDTABLE: Municipal Recycling Issues (Public Sector, Recycling) (WasteExpo 2019)

2019-05-22 02:00:00| Waste Age

What are the leading challenges facing municipalities today? Hear firsthand from several munis as they discuss top industry issues and what they expect from the industry over the next few years.

Tags: public issues sector municipal


Untapped Potential: Utilizing Drivers to Improve Your Sales and Enhance Your Brand (Public Sector, Fleet) (WasteExpo 2019)

2019-05-22 02:00:00| Waste Age

Truck drivers are your #1 boots on the ground employee they are in the community every day, providing first-hand service to your customers. Which means they also are the most likely to spot a potential customer. So why not empower them to work dire

Tags: public sales improve brand


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